James Michel

The Today’s Group (for) Quality And Affordability

Press Release   •   Jul 22, 2013 10:35 IST

13thJuly 2013, South Yorkshire: Today’s Group,the big name amongst buying groups in UK, has exciting packages for retailers who are keen to join the bandwagon. Being innovative, they can be trusted to come up with some of the best strategies’ aimed at allowing retailers to grow in a big way. Such is the level of professionalism that one can definitely conclude that for Wholesalers has no one who can be a match to them. They are passionate and can be trusted to offer the best quality at the most competitive prices. It is the mere numbers and volumeswhich allow them to negotiate the best deals in their favour. It all started in the mid eighties when a group of independent wholesalers got together to negotiate a better deal from producers. Today, the result of this effort is a staggering buying power of more than$5.5bn. They boast of at least 200 wholesale depots nationwide. Besides, there are 1600 retailers enjoying the benefits of their retail club. (Adding) to this, there are at least 365 more retailers’ enjoying the benefits of their symbol group membership. Therefore, it is a fact that there are plenty of retailers who have benefitted by associating with them and a peek into the testimonials is enough to indicate that. They are always thinking hard and exploring options as to how retailers can benefit in the process. The program of plan for profit is a step in that direction. It means great deals, regular promotions and tons of sale promotional material.They have two exciting brands where an interested customer can always focus on. Today’s Essential is eye catching yet simple. The quotes for the products are the most competitive. For someone looking at new options Today’s Select is the one to look out for. Hence, a customer can always select something based on personal requirements. About the Company: The Today’s Group is the brain child of a few wholesalers who were looking for better bargain from producers. As mentioned earlier, the concept saw the light of the day over two and a half decades ago. Over a period, they have become a force to reckon with amongst buying group here in the United Kingdom. Therefore, someone keen to contact to reap the benefits can always do so. He/she will just have to fill up a form on the contact page of the website. Someone on behalf of the company will get back soon. The address and other contact details are also given below.