James Michel

The Today’s Group The Food Wholesalers With A Difference

Press Release   •   Jul 22, 2013 10:46 IST

South Yorkshire,July 10th 2013: The Today’s Group (is a) trusted name amongst U.K buying groups (that has) been in the news for all the right reason. The group was formed (by an amalgamation of) a few retailers,is now a force to reckon with. With a combined buying power in excess of $5.5bn, they are the Wholesale Suppliers residents and retailerscan trust for a mixture of quality products at the most competitive prices. They have grown immensely and boast off 200 wholesale depots in the form of convenience store supplies.(To) add to this the 1600 retailers who enjoy the benefits of their retail club and the number looks staggering. There is plenty to gain for a retailer looking to join the bandwagon. Other than an increased group buying power, they have a perfect retail development program which helps the retailer to grow quickly. The plan for profit programs are a step in that direction. It is virtually for this very reason as wholesale food suppliers UK has hardly got anyone better than them. Moreover, another 365 retailers are benefiting from the symbol of the group. The convenience stores are strategically located and the as a customer too one can reap the benefits of buying quality products at cheap prices. Hence, it can be categorically stated that they are the food wholesalers with a difference. They are innovative in their thinking process and are continuously thinking out of the ordinary. It is this innovation that has made them the fastest growing retailer network here in the UK. Therefore, at any stage if there is a need to get in touch with wholesale suppliers this is the name to fall back upon. As a retailer one can expect fantastic support. As food service providers also they have been offering high products at the most competitive prices. About the company: The Today’s Group is a result of the innovative though process of few wholesalers who decided to join hands to get a better price from producers. That was two and a half decades ago. With the passage of time they have transformed into one of the major buying groups here in the U.K. It is due to the professionalism on display one can conclude that as wholesale suppliers U.K retailers have nothing better to choose from. Therefore, for someone keen to contact can always fill up an enquiry form on the contact page. Someone will get back soon. The contact details are given below