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The Top 10 Consumer Electronics Manufacturers: Global industry outlook and key player strategies, performance and SWOT analysis

Press Release   •   Oct 09, 2010 17:34 IST

The $6,800bn global consumer electronics industry is witnessing transformational growth. The mantra of the industry today is convergence - whether of technologies or products or markets. Digitalization, miniaturization and mobility are driving this change. Further, intense competition is leading to commoditization of the industry, pressurizing margins. The industry today stands at the crossroads - where it must decide whether it will innovate to survive or search for alternative avenues of growth. For instance, faced with an onslaught from South Korean giants, companies such as Apple are reshaping the industry demand curve with disruptive innovations. On the other hand, many of the struggling Japanese firms are shifting to energy, environment and infrastructure businesses. This report explores the following domains:

Mobile phones;
Other consumer electronic goods.

This report provides an overview of the global consumer electronics industry in terms of market size (based on value), key drivers and resistors, industry trends, and the competitive positioning of the major players. It includes profiles of the top 10 companies in the industry and also involves a brief write-up on another 10 players in the industry. The major companies in the global consumer electronics industry were assessed on the following parameters:

Each company’s growth strategies;
Key partnerships and alliances formed by these companies.

Key Features

This report provides an in-depth analysis of:

• Market size of consumer electronics industry.
• Market size and forecasts for televisions and sub-segments such as digital TV, IPTV, LCD, 3D, etc.
• Market size and forecast for computing and sub-segments such as netbooks, desktops, etc.
• Market size and forecast for mobile phones and sub-segments such as wi-fi, smartphones, etc.
• Market size and forecasts for other consumer electronic goods such as music, video gaming and consoles.
• Trends and drivers that are transforming the industry.
• Competitive analysis of the top 10 players
• An analysis of the top 10 players financial performances, strategies and SWOT.
• Short profiles of the other top 10 companies including financial metrics, strategies and SWOT.

Key Benefits

• Learn from the strategies of the global consumer electronic manufacturers to target future growth markets effectively, avoid their mistakes, replicate their successes and learn of the threats they face.
• Benchmark your performance against the leading consumer electronic companies by comprehending their strategies.
• Understand the major issues affecting the global consumer electronics market.
• Predict the key growth areas in the global consumer electronics market arising from the change in customer’s preferences and global recession.

Key findings

• The global consumer electronics market was valued at approximately $681bn in 2009, a decrease of 1.7% over 2008. Further the industry grew at a CAGR of 8.4% during 2005–10. Business Insights anticipates that the market size of the global consumer electronics market will remain flat at $681bn in 2010, owing to the weakness in the global economy.

• Against the backdrop of the global recession, cost competitiveness, technological innovations and emerging markets are the key drivers of the industry's transformational growth. The emergence of South Korean giants - Samsung and LG - as market leaders is commoditizing the industry.

• The fall-out of this fierce competition is companies such as Sony are struggling to gain a foothold in the industry, while other Japanese rivals are diversifying into new growth areas such as environment, energy and infrastructure in order to survive. On the other end of the spectrum we have Apple, which by leveraging on its disruptive innovations is able to earn supernormal profits, reinforcing the necessity of innovation.

• Even in the core hardware industry, in response to the declining margins technological companies are shifting to services and software. Several small M&A deals are facilitating this transition to emerging technologies such as smartphones and specialized software such as business analytics.

• Further, the onset of the global recession is challenging the traditional business model of selling premium priced products to developed markets. The trends now is scaling down many of the features of standard models and sell no-frills products at affordable prices to the low and middle income segments of emerging markets.

Key questions answered by this report

• What was and will be the market size of the global consumer electronics industry during 2005–10?
• What are the trends and drivers in the global consumer electronics industry?
• Who are the major players in the market?
• What are the survival strategies adopted by the consumer electronics companies against the backdrop of global recession, commoditization and intense competition?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the top 10 players in the global consumer electronics industry?

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