The varied Motorola mobile Battery

Press Release   •   Aug 30, 2012 12:54 IST

Most phones try to have a systematic chart as far as Battery life of their particular brands is concerned. But not Motorola! Most brands do as much research on their Phone batteries as they do on the phones themselves. But going through Motorola’s Phone battery charts as provided by C-net, a reputed gadget/software review site, one can see the difference in battery life as one reads through the chart. The most basic assumption is that, the more advanced the phone, the less the battery life. You cannot expect to have the same battery life that your basic model Motorola phone had, when you use your Motorola smartphone to browse the web and go on Facebook.

Apart from Motorola many mobile battery seem to function the same way, although some brands like the blackberry have saved themselves by providing strong batter backup. However one thing is to be noted in Motorola that at one point of time, even the basic models needed frequent power backup, but now after quite a bit of Research on the part of Motorola, Motorola mobile battery seems to be giving quite the competition to the other brands. And the other features of these Motorola phones seem quite good too.

Of all the Motorola phones, the recent smartphone that Motorola has introduced, including the Motorola Defy, have created small waves in the Mobile Phone market. But some reviews suggest that, the mobile battery life is not on par with what was expected. Apart from the poor battery life exhibited by recent Motorola phones, some software problems also seem to have risen up.

However, one does wish that Motorola would go back to producing phones of the quality and with battery capacity of the phones that it has manufactures in the earlier part of the last decade. Phones like the Razr, which was a flip phone, was one of the top phones manufactured and sold by the company. While expecting similar battery performance from smartphones is a gross mistake, it is expected nevertheless that a manufacturer will provide some sort of battery backup instead of the abysmal performance as recorded on Motorola’s recent smartphones.

One Motorola smartphone which rose to quick heights was the Droid-Razr, which was released by Verizon as a surprise move. This particular phone proved critics wrong as it made a surprisingly strong stand in the market and has continued to make customers happy. After a long line of failures, Motorola seemed to make a sparkling stand with Motorola Droid-razr, with the typical Motorola mobile battery as before. Personally, more and more people would appreciate Motorola phones more, if they could come out with smartphones like the Droid-Razr on a regular basis, instead of introducing highly tuned models, software wise, but with very poor battery backup.

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