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The Zika Virus Report - Implications of the Rapid Spread of Zika with a Focus on the Infectious Disease Diagnostics Market and Human Vaccines Market Is Released

Press Release   •   Feb 25, 2016 13:37 IST

It also discussed the infectious disease diagnostics market and the global human vaccines market, both of which are forecast to 2026. The pipeline for Zika virus diagnostics and vaccines is explored. Our 78-page report provides 28 tables, charts, and graphs. Understand the virus and the future of the current outbreak. Our new study lets you assess the impact the virus might have on a number of regions, and the complications that have so far been associated with it. Forecasts from 2016-2026 and other analyses show you commercial prospects This report provides forecasts for both the infectious disease diagnostics market and the human vaccines market to 2026, and discussed the possible future contributors to these markets in relation to the Zika virus. Discover the symptoms, transmission, history and economic and social impacts of this virus. See revenue forecasts for the associated markets How will associated markets perform to 2026? Our study forecasts revenues in the following related markets: " Infectious Disease Diagnostics Market " Global Vaccines Market Leading Vaccine Manufacturers and Companies Searching for a Zika Virus Vaccine The number of patients infected with the Zika virus is predicted to soar, and the need for a vaccine is becoming ever more apparent. We discuss some of the leading international vaccine manufacturing companies, and then take a look at the companies that are currently developing vaccines or the Zika virus.

Companies included in this report include: " GlaxoSmithKline " Merck " Pfizer " Sanofi " Bharat Biotech " Inovio Pharmaceuticals Discover capabilities, progress, and commercial prospects, helping you stay ahead. What does the Zika virus outbreak mean for the future? Our new report discusses issues and events regarding the Zika virus outbreak, currently in Central and South America. You will find discussions, including analysis of past outbreaks, the virus modes of transmission, symptoms. Future trends include: " Increasing economic and social pressures related to the virus " Development of a vaccine will lead to large financial returns " The virus is likely to spread from its current territories, to include the US and possibly much of Southern Europe, Africa and Asia. How the Zika Virus Report report helps you In summary, our 78-page report gives you the following knowledge: " Understanding of the structure, replication mechanisms and transmission modes of the Zika virus " An in-depth history of previous Zika virus outbreaks and detail the viruses spread from Africa " Study of the potential spread of the virus, looking at the areas in which the virus vectors are able to survive on a global scale " Intelligence on important markets that will be affected by the Zika virus outbreak " Revenue forecast for the Infectious Disease Diagnostics Market covering the period 2016 to 2026 " Revenue forecast for the Global Vaccines Market covering the period 2016 to 2026. " Profiles of leading companies operating within the vaccines market " Significant social and economic issues arising from the spread of the Zika virus " Conclusions and recommendations You will find quantitative and qualitative analyses with independent predictions. You will receive information that only our report contains, staying informed with this invaluable business intelligence.

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Table of Contents

ogression of Zika in the Americas

3.2 Areas at Risk from Zika Infection

3.2.1 Areas with Ae.aegypti Populations

3.2.2 Areas with Ae.albopictus Populations

3.3 Containment Measures

3.3.1 Efforts in Affected Countries

3.3.2 Efforts in Un-Affected Countries

3.4 Basic Reproductive Number

3.4.1 Related Virus Basic Reproduction Numbers

4. Diagnostic Tools for the Detection of Zika Virus

4.1 The Infectious Disease Diagnostics Market

4.2 Infectious Disease Diagnostics Market Forecast, 2016-2026

4.3 Diagnosis of Zika Infection

4.3.1 Laboratory Tests for the Diagnosis of Zika Virus Disease

4.3.2 Commercial and Point-of-Care Tests Biocan Diagnostics

5. Zika Virus Vaccine: Pipeline Candidates

5.1 Global Vaccine Market, 2014

5.2 Global Vaccine Market Forecast, 2016-2026

5.3 Leading Manufacturers of Human Vaccines

5.3.1 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

5.3.2 Merck & Co (MSD)

5.3.3 Sanofi

5.3.4 Pfizer

5.4 No Zika Virus Vaccine Currently Available

5.5 Zika Virus Vaccine Pipeline

5.5.1 Bharat Biotech

5.5.2 Sanofi Pasteur

5.5.3 Inovio Pharmaceuticals

5.5.4 Other Companies

6. Economic and Socio-Economic Effects of the Zika Virus Outbreak

6.1 Overview of Impact on Affected Nations

6.2 Zika Virus and Pregnancy in Affected Countries

6.3 Tourism and Major Events

6.3.1 Comparison with Other Viral Epidemics  Ebola Outbreak 2014

6.4 Healthcare Services and Support

6.5 Predicted Impact of Further Spread

7. Glossary

List of Tables

Table 1.1 Currency Exchange Rates, 2015

Table 2.1 Modes of Infection of the Zika Virus and Their Confirmation Status

Table 2.2 Number of Live Births (000 s) For a Selection of Countries in the Affected Region, 2011

Table 3.1 Countries/Territories with Active Zika Transmission as of 11th February 2016

Table 4.1 The Infectious Disease Testing Market Forecast: Revenue ($bn), AGR (%) and CAGR (%), 2014-2026

Table 5.1 The Global Vaccines Market Forecast: Revenue ($bn), AGR (%) and CAGR (%), 2014-2025

Table 6.1 Countries at Risk of Infection and Number of Tourists (millions), 2013

Table 6.2 Number of Live Births in US States at High and Low Risk of Active Zika Transmission, and the Percentage of Live Births of Each (%)

Table 6.3 Number of Live Births in US States at High Risk of Active Zika Transmission, 2014

List of Figures

Figure 2.1 Representation of the Structure of a Flavivirus

Figure 2.2 Representation of the Genome of a Flavivirus

Figure 2.3 The Federated States of Micronesia, Location of 2007 Zika Virus Outbreak, with Yap Island Highlighted

Figure 2.4 Map of Pacific Islands, with Area of French Polynesia Highlighted

Figure 2.5 A Comparison of the Head Size of an Infant with Microcephaly and Without

Figure 2.6 Cases of Suspected Microcephaly in Brazil from 2011 to 2016

Figure 3.1 Location of Cama?ari, Brazil, First Location to Report Zika Virus in the Americas

Figure 3.2 Population Density Map of Brazil, with Major Cities Labelled

Figure 3.3 Areas Showing Zika Virus Transmission, December 2015 and January 2016, excluding Pacific Islands

Figure 3.4 Likelihood of Occurrence of Ae.aegypti across the Americas

Figure 3.5 Likelihood of Occurrence of Ae.aegypti across Europe and Africa

Figure 3.6 Likelihood of Occurrence of Ae. aegypti across the Asia-Pacific

Figure 3.7 Likelihood of Occurrence of Ae.albopictus across the Americas

Figure 3.8 Likelihood of Occurrence of Ae.albopictus across Europe and Africa

Figure 3.9 Likelihood of Occurrence of Ae.albopictus across the Asia-Pacific

Figure 4.1 The Infectious Disease Testing Market Forecast: Revenue ($bn) and AGR (%), 2014-2026

Figure 4.2 Pan American Health Organization Zika Diagnosis Advice, 2015

Figure 5.1 The Global Vaccines Market Forecast: Revenue ($bn) and AGR (%), 2014-2025

Figure 6.1 Percentage of Live US Births That Occurred in States with a High Risk and Low Risk of Active Zika Transmission, 2014

Companies Listed


Bharat Biotech


GeneOne Life Sciences



Inovio Pharmaceuticals




Regulus Therapeutics


SmithKline Beecham

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

List of Organisations

Centre for Disease Control

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

F?d?ration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

Pan American Health Organisation

The Catholic Church

World Health Organisation

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