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Thin Wafers, Temporary Bonding Equipment & Materials Market

Press Release   •   Oct 29, 2012 16:23 IST

Reort On  Temporary Bonding Equipment Market
 Memory, Logic, Power Devices & Image Sensors markets will drive the thin wafers market and related handling technologies
This report describes why thinner wafers will be needed in the future, especially for consumer applications. Indeed, consumer electronics is a big driver for smaller, higher-performing, lower-cost device configurations for use in various applications, such as memory and wireless devices. These new configurations, in turn, are pushing demand for thin (< 100 µm) and even ultra-thin semiconductor wafers (below 40µm) with the following benefits:
 Reduced thickness and thus thinner packages (in cell phones, packaged dies must be < 1.2mm thick; this number shrinks to1mm for smart phones)
 Wafer thinning is the most efficient approach used for heat dissipation in thermal management
 For 3D integration, thin wafers bring higher through Si vias density, as pitch and dimensions are becoming smaller
 However, as wafer thickness decreases to 100µm and below, manufacturing challenges arise. Ultra-thin wafers are less stable and more vulnerable to stress, and the die can be prone to breaking and warping—not only during grinding but also during subsequent processing steps. Yole Développement’s report describes why special thin wafer handling processes (i.e. temporary bonding) are necessary, especially when wafers are dual-side processed or have high topographies. Equipment Materials Market
 This report deals not only with the thin wafers market and applications, but also with related processes, equipment, and materials for temporary bonding.
 Thin wafer shipment forecasts are analyzed, as there is definitely a growing need for thin wafers (below 100 µm) for numerous applications: 3D ICs, MEMS, CMOS Image Sensors, Power Devices, LEDs, RF Devices, Memory & Logic, Interposers and Photovoltaic. The report shows that, by 2017, the ratio of THIN wafers vs. TOTAL number of wafers (in 300 mm eq.) will be 74%, corresponding to > 80M 12’’ eq. wafers.
 Applications are also described in the report. The 2012 market drivers for thin wafers are 3D ICs, and also Power Devices and CIS BSI for ultra-thin wafers. Indeed, the BSI application is the big driver for ultra thin wafers; this application is currently booming. 2011 was a big year for 300 mm wafer bonding tools, thanks to BSI. This application requires ultra thin layers (< 10µ) on 12’’.
 Forecasts by wafer thickness are analyzed in the report. In 2017, most of the 12’’ wafers will be 200µm thick for logic application; also, most of the thinned wafers will be in the 10-99µ thickness range. This includes memory, as well as interposers and power device applications.
Compared to the 2011 installment, this report now contains:
 Updated thin wafers forecast 2011-2017
 By application
 By thickness
 By wafer size
 Updated players
 New chapter on Power MOSFETs
 Why thin wafers for power
 New chapter on Photovoltaic
Why thin wafers for PV
 New chapter on temporary bonding
 Equipment forecast 2011-2017
In units
 In US$
 By application
 Temporary chemistry forecast 2011-2017
Provide an understanding of the thin wafers application:
 Overview of thin wafers applications: MEMS, CMOS Image Sensors, Memory, Power Devices, RF Devices, LEDs, Interposers, Photovoltaics
 Thin wafers roadmap
 Present market forecasts for thin wafers:
 2011-2017 Market Forecast in units and US$ for thin wafers
 Detailed forecasts by application, wafer size and thickness
 Analyze wafer thinning trends, with a focus on temporary bonding
 Market Forecasts for temporary bonding in US$ value and number of equipment:
 By application
 By wafer size
 Market Forecast for temporary bonding chemistry
 Overview of the different temporary bonding approaches, i.e.:
Without carrier:
 DoubleCheck Semiconductors
 With Carrier:
 UV laser released
 Thermal release
 Mechanical release
 Chemical release
 Temporary bonding trends
 Thinning trends
 Dicing trends
 Description of the applications for temporary wafer bonding, including main characteristics and challenges
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