Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Computer Table

Press release   •   Dec 19, 2012 12:55 IST

Just as you spend hours deciding which dining table would look good or which recliner would suit your home, you must pay the same attention while buying a table for your computer. In fact the detailing required here is more than other furniture.

If you have a monitor and CPU combination, you must buy a computer table that has space to keep the CPU. Often when we use make shift tables for keeping computers, we either have to place the CPU on the table top and then keep the monitor on it, or we have to place the CPU in whatever place available. The bottom line is there is no designated place for the CPU in such make shift tables.

There is also no specific space allotted for the keyboard, the mouse, the printer, the scanner and the speakers, if you have them in the set. So before buying a computer table, check the accessories that are present with your computer so that you can understand the number of slots required to place all of them. Some of these tables will also have a space allotted for the UPS. If there are a number of accessories with your computer, opt for something sturdy. You can also select a table with wheels so that you can move the entire setup from one place to another. These wheels can be locked to stand on one position to avoid abrupt movement.

If you feel that readymade computer tables are not suiting your purpose or budget, you can also build one yourself. To build such a table, you need the following:

• 1.5 inch thick wood planks for the table body
• Glue, stain and varnish for wood
• Sand paper and drill
• Screws and brackets
• Ruler and pencil

Design the computer table as you want with the basic structure where you will place the monitor on the table top, the CPU in a slot on one side of the table, and a place each for the keyboard and the mouse. If there are other accessories, make space for them as well.

Cut wooden planks of your requirement and make them smooth with sand paper. Attach the legs of the computer table to the table top with brackets so that they hold strong. Then attach the other planks where you require them so that they match the design you have made. To secure the planks, use screws or glue as you require. After your table is set, it is time to make the computer table visually attractive. With a rag, stain the wood in a circular motion and let it dry. Now with a paint brush apply the varnish and let it dry for a day. When the varnish dries off completely, you are ready to use the computer table. The main task while building a computer table is creating the design for the table. You should review your design so that while executing it, you have no difficulties.

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