Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Archery Equipments

Press Release   •   Feb 06, 2013 15:14 IST

When guns, rifles and missiles were not available to man, they used bows and arrows. These simple devices enabled men to hunt, kill and protect. Though times have changed and science has given rise to complex machinery, there are still those people who practice archery.

In the days when cave men lived, they made their archery equipments themselves. They made their own bows and arrows, strung them and used with them great dexterity. Some Hindu mythological epics have reference to such fact. But in today’s world, the bows and arrows are available in the market. Before buying such equipment, it is essential to understand the type of archer you are.

If you have taken up this sport for passing time or as a weekend activity, you can use equipment of your choice. There need not be too much definition to it. However, if you have taken up this sport as your career and you want to participate in competitions to grab the medal, then there are several things you need to know while selecting the archery equipment.

Bows are broadly categorized into two categories. The first king enables you to pull the string directly, whereas the second type employs a mechanism which in turn pulls the string. The first variant comprises of options like self-bows, composite blows and laminated bows. Some bows are curved and seem to be curving away from the user when they are unstrung. The arrows are also designed to suit such bows. A generic arrow is a long shaft which has a pointed tip with some load attached to it, and some feathers in its rear end to balance the head. The shafts are made of aluminium alloy, carbon fibre, composite alloy, fiberglass and wood. For those who go for tournaments, arrows made of carbon and alloy, are popular among them. They also provide good grip to release the arrow. These are the basics of archery equipments that are commonly used.

Many people have the passion for buying traditional archery equipment. But there are quite a few things to be kept in mind before doing so. First you need to understand and realize the type of equipment you want.

Since there is an entire industry dedicated to this sport, you can get the equipment of your choice by simply combining the traditional stuff with modern touches. You can use new fabric on old style, or add the mechanism to the traditional equipment to make the age old looking bows and arrows laden with the modern kick. If the look of the medieval warrior thrills you, then design the archery equipment the way you have seen them in the movies and add the new generation facilities. Make sure that it is made as per your size and is easy for you to handle it. Too big or too small bows and arrows will not suit the purpose if you are passionate about the sport.

Archery is a sport that requires skill, dedication and focus. Hence the equipment used should be at par with the end you want to achieve.

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