Thinks you should keep in mind while engaging into quality Link Building processes

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2010 09:38 IST

All those people associated directly or indirectly with link building services know how tricky the activities of link building are. Link building is nothing but the process of giving a website strong push to higher search engine rank. It can also show a red flag to the search engines which is enough to diminish the search ranking of a website. Now the time has gone when link building was all meant by getting as much number of links as possible; now with the advancement of search engine technologies Google and other search engines have been modified with advanced algorithm and criteria of giving a website search rank. Now search engines are quite strict to give  a website ranking based on their link building performance. Here, based on the views of link building India professionals, we will discuss about the things that the link building professionals should keep in mind while performing quality link building activities for a website.

Relevancy is a must: No matter how many outbound links a link page has, if that contains irrelevant content that doesn't resemble with yours then there will be no benefit of posting links. If your website's link is placed on a high PR website with less OBL then also it will have lesser value than the link placed in similar websites, because in the first case Google thinks the link as a normal visitor, therefore will not give it much importance.

Always avoid mass link exchange: Many professionals often try to engage into mass link building processes to get quicker ranking, which ultimately gives the concerned website the reputation of a spammer. If you get high number of links in a short time then it may build a suspicious image to the search engines, and the search engines may think that you are engaged in some activities to get ranking quicker, ad then the website may get a search engine penalty.

Checking neighbour links is mandatory:
Always keep an eye on your web-neighbours. Never place your website's links to Link Farms or the FFA websites. Again, Google may think that you are engaged into some bad activities to acquire high volume of links to get high search engine ranking quickly. Before placing your website's links to any website, don't forget to check the other websites’ links placed there.

Apart from the factors discussed above, there are a number of things associated with quality link building processes. Let the professionals of link building India do the important activity for your website and see the difference.

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