Tips On How To Make Your Own Bean Bags

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2012 14:36 IST

Bean bags are a great choice when it comes to decorating a room. One can use them as a part of game section of the room with small cushions on couches or even pillows. Though most of the time people buy bean bags, it can be a fun idea to make them yourselves at home. This is a simple task and can be performed with some basic raw material.

The supplies one requires are:
• Fabric: It is advisable to use heavy fabric as this will be the outer shell of bean bags.
• Muslin: This cloth is used as the liner under the heavy fabric.
• Filling: There are quite a few options that can act as the filling. Some people use dried beans, while some use PVC pellets. It is important to use properly dried beans so that they do not rot after the bag is made.
• Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread: They will be used to sew up the bag.
• Scissors: To cut the fabric to the desired shape.
• Ruler or Measuring Tape: To measure the fabric.
• Pins and Pencil: To mark the fabric.

When the supplies are ready, determine the shape of the bean bags to be made. With the help of the ruler or measuring tape, and the pencil, mark the fabric and cut the piece to be used for the bag. Cut the muslin in the same shape as the fabric, making sure that it is half an inch smaller than the main fabric. The muslin should be smaller than the main fabric as it will store the filling and will also act as a liner to the main fabric. Sew 3/4th of the fabric and the muslin separately making sure that the edges are smooth while sewing. After sewing is complete, turn the partly sewn material inside out.

Fill the muslin bag with the desired amount of beans. Remember not to fill the bean bags too much or leave it too lean. After filling up the beans, sew the muslin bag so that the beans can not come out. Try and make the stitches clean even though they will not be seen. Once the muslin bag is secure, slide it into the outer shell.

It is important to make the outer shell look clean while sewing it up. With the help of pins, shut the open portion of the ready to use bean bag. This will keep the stitches smooth. Make sure not to sew the pins while sewing up the outer cover. Once the entire outer cover is sewn, run a stitch all across the bag leaving a border of 1/4th of an inch.

One can make home made bean bags like this. With the necessary supplies, a little patience and some spare time, this can be an engaging craft for kids, and a cost effective option for people keen to make their houses feel like a home. Bean bags can change the look of a room and at the same time add a contemporary touch to the decor. But when they are home made, they add warmth.

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