Tips To Arrange Living Room Furniture

Press release   •   Mar 26, 2012 12:13 IST

Living room is one of the most important rooms in your home that reflects your class and taste. In some homes, it is the main gathering area where people socialize with one another. While in some homes, it is a showroom that defines elegance and grandeur. No matter what it is used for, arranging the furniture in these rooms can be quite a challenging issue. However, there are certain tips which will help to arrange the living room furniture to create a cozy and chic atmosphere.

Focal point: Choose a focal point such as a window, fire place, and television set so that the furniture can be arranged around it.

Dimension: It is important to consider the dimension of the room before arranging the living room furniture. Too much furniture in a small room may appear over cramped. Most of the modern interior designers prefer minimal furniture to embellish homes as it appears elegant. While arranging furniture, it is important to leave enough space for traffic lanes.

Conversation areas: Arrange furniture to create areas where people can converse with one another comfortably. If the rooms are large, it is quite easy to create ample amount of spaces for conversations. Never place all the chairs against the walls. Place it around a coffee table so that people can converse easily.

Spread furniture: It is important to spread the various types of furniture in the rooms evenly so that it appears cozy and comfortable. Placing furniture in one single corner will appear asymmetric and inappropriate.

Avoid wall plugs: Some people tend to cover wall plugs and sockets with furniture. This makes it even more difficult to access electrical outlets easily. It is quite important never to cover outlets and sockets with chairs or tables.

Ample space: Place furniture in such a way that it leaves ample space for people to walk around in the entire room.

Types of Furniture

While arranging living room furniture, it is important to consider the size of the furniture.

Rugs: It is quite important to consider the size of the rugs before arranging the furniture. The rugs should be large enough to place the furniture on it. Rugs are usually placed in the center of the rooms with coffee tables and sofas placed above it.

Side tables: One of the most important furniture required in the living room is the side table. People should be able to set down their drinks without the need to search for a table. Placing a side table on either side of the sofa is an excellent idea. But it is also important not to over-crowd the room.

Coffee tables: These tables are usually placed in the center of the room with sofa sets or chairs around it. Various elegant varieties of coffee tables are available easily today. Choose coffee tables according to the decor of your room. Coffee tables should be two third the size of the sofas and lower than the seat height of the sofas.

Place furniture and accessories in different ways to obtain different living room decors.

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