Tips to Build Eco-Friendly New Homes

Press Release   •   Jun 29, 2013 18:01 IST

In the present scenario of rising environmental pollution, most people choose to contribute in different ways to save the earth by building eco-friendly homes. As great importance is given to environmental management these days, majority of the architects and home designers choose the concept of environmental homes. These homes are mainly built using different materials which are eco-friendly. Some of the most common types of raw materials used to build these homes include fly ash instead of cement, eco-friendly paint products and so forth. Reused wood is often used for the construction of interiors.

According to the latest innovative designs and techniques, bamboo flooring is used instead of hardwood flooring as it is ingrained with a large number of beneficial properties. These homes help to conserve nature in many ways.

Eco-Friendly Homes:

Solar Water Heating Systems: Hot water in these homes is obtained by tapping the solar energy of the sun. The water can be used for heating the entire home and for various other domestic purposes.

Rain Water Harvesting System: Another eco-friendly system which is used in these homes include the rain water harvesting system where the rain water is collected from roof tops and conserved for future usage. It can be used for various purposes such as washing, cleaning and gardening.

Waste Water Treatment: The consumption of water can be considerably reduced with the use of waster water treatment plants which are mainly utilized to treat the waste water.

Solar Cooking and Lighting: Solar energy can be utilized effectively for lighting purposes. Solar lights and lanterns can be used effectively during power outages and remote places. It can be used in other areas too to save the consumption of power used in homes. Solar cooking is another essential feature of an eco-friendly home as it uses solar energy to cook food rather than fuels like LPG and kerosene.

Organic Waste Composter: All waste materials from the kitchen and gardens are composted which can later be used as fertilizers for plants. It can also be used to generate bio-gas which can be used in cars and automobiles. It also helps to reduce the solid waste which is released into the atmosphere.

Recharge Ground Water: Ground water can be recharged by planting trees and plants around the home. The use of non-metallic surfaces also helps to recharge the ground water.

In House Sewage Treatment Plants: Today most of the large complexes and residential properties have in-house sewage treatment plants which are quite beneficial to the environment in many ways. It helps to reduce pollution and contribute to the greenery of the environment.

Apart from this, eco-friendly homes are constructed using double panel windows which offer greater insulation to the homes. It also lends a quite atmosphere to these homes. Wood is mainly used on the frames and doors of these homes as it offers better insulation.

Today most of the homes are built with environment friendly raw materials and products although it is quite expensive. Most of these products such as fly ash can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

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