Tips to Buy Homes With Resale Value

Press Release   •   Jun 14, 2013 15:47 IST

While buying houses, it is important to choose homes with a resale value as it can prove to be a good future investment. Most people prefer to sell their homes for a higher profit or to buy bigger or smaller homes. Therefore it is important to buy a property which can be sold at a higher price in the future.

Smaller Homes: According to recent surveys, smaller and mid priced homes have greater resale value than the larger homes. So choose small homes in a good neighborhood for better sales prospects.

Location: Choose homes in appropriate locations. Prospective buyers often search homes in good locations. Some areas and neighborhoods have good school system and safety. It increases the value of a property. A thorough online research will help to identify good areas in a city or town. Some locations are desirable more than the others.

Floor Plans: Choose homes with a good floor plan which includes clean and multiple bathrooms. Most people prefer to buy homes with good and well-planned floors and rooms.

Attractive Features: The value of a house depends on various attractive features such as cabinets, spacious bedrooms, closet spaces, skylights, ample storage areas in kitchens and bedrooms. All these essential features in a home increase its resale value to a great extent.

Number of Bedrooms: An average buyer would prefer to buy a home with at least three bedrooms with multiple bathrooms. So it is important to choose homes with spacious bedrooms and bathrooms.

Property Tax: It is also important to consider the property tax while buying houses. The value of a house is lowered if the property tax is high as this will increase the monthly mortgage payments.

Buyers: It is important to know the type of buyers before purchasing any new homes. Search online for various real estate advertisements to understand the type of property being sold in a particular locality. Some localities are preferred by couples, old aged people and so forth. So it is essential to choose properties accordingly for better resale values.

Outdated Features: Some of the homes include many outdated features such as outdated style of bathtubs which need to be replaced. This requires minor renovation and it can be quite expensive. Some homes may require painting, landscaping and so forth which can also prove to be quite expensive. Broken bathroom fixtures may be easy to replace but replacing the entire bath tub can be quite a difficult task.

Entire Structure: To obtain a good resale value for houses, it is important to maintain the entire structure of the houses which include the wiring and the plumbing of the homes.

There are many ways to improve the resale value of the homes which include modification of kitchen flooring, countertops and cabinets. Install new electrical appliances to add value to the kitchens. Window replacement is another method to increase the resale value of houses. Many inexpensive improvements can be made to the houses to increase its resale value.

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