Tips To Choose Circular Saws And Change The Blades

Press Release   •   Oct 12, 2012 14:00 IST

The circular saw is one of the most powerful and useful tools among different types of saws. It can be used for various purposes which include ripping, cross cuts and plunge cuts, beveling and cutting different types of materials. There are various types of tools with different features. So it is necessary to know about these varieties to choose the most appropriate one.

Circular saws can be classified according to its style, performance, blade size and so forth. The following tips will help you to choose the most appropriate type of tool.

Style: There are mainly two designs among these power tools which include the side winder and the worm drive.

Worm-drive saw: It is used by most of the professional carpenters as it can cut plywood and studs quite efficiently and quickly. It is a heavy duty saw that weighs more than the other tools. It has an increased torque even though it performs at a diminished speed. The blade of the worm-drive is located on the left side of the motor so the right-hand users can view the cut accurately. With a rear-mounted handle, this tool can be controlled efficiently.

Side winder saw: Also known as in-line or traditional saws, this particular tool is used on most of the construction sites. It is light in weight yet it is quite powerful. As it is quite versatile, it is available with many additional features.

Cord: Another important classification is based on the cords of the tool. Some tools are cordless and offer better portability. It is very expensive compared to the corded varieties. Cordless tools have lesser torque and smaller blades. However, it is safer than the other varieties. There are cheaper varieties with short cords.

Blade: Different varieties have different types of blades. Most of the varieties have carbide tipped blades which can be used to cut all types of wood. There are many types of blades which can be used for various purposes which include blades to cut concrete, wood, tiles, metals and so forth.

Power: It is also classified according to its power which is expressed in amperage.

It is quite easy to change the blades of these tools. The blade can be upgraded to a new model or it can be changed to match a particular project. It is easy to change the blades by following a few easy tips.

Turn off the power to the circular saw and remove its cords. Expose the blades by sliding the blade guard. Lay down the tool on a sturdy and flat surface. Clamp the tool to the surface so that it is secure. Lock the blade to prevent movement of the blade. Most of the new models include blade locking systems to prevent accidents.

Remove the blot which attaches the blade to the saw. Now remove the blade and replace it with a new one. Remember to replace the bolt and tightly secure it to the tool.

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