Tips to Clean and Disinfect Water Bottles

Press Release   •   Jun 27, 2013 16:08 IST

Plastic water bottles can be an incubator for mold and bacteria so it is essential to clean them thoroughly to avoid various illnesses. Some of these bottles have odd shapes and twists which makes it even more difficult to clean and disinfect. If the bottles are stored with its lid, it can further lead to the growth of new organisms and diseases. It is important to clean these bottles each and every time it is used.

Use of Bleaching Powder: It can be cleaned effectively with the use of bleaching powder. Add 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon in 4 liters of water. Fill the solution in the bottle and let it remain for overnight. Rinse it thoroughly the next morning and let it dry completely on a neat rack. Store it in a cupboard without the lid until it is used again.

Use of White Vinegar: First wash the bottle in warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. Fill the bottle with ¼ of white vinegar and the remaining space with water. Let it remain for overnight. Wash it thoroughly the next morning and let it dry inverted without the lid. Store it in a neat cupboard without the lid till the next use.

Use of Freezer: Wash the bottles with warm soapy water and rinse it thoroughly. Keep it in the freezer till it is ready to be used again. Most of the bacteria will not last for long in the extreme cold temperature.

Use of Dishwashers: Some of the water bottles are dish-washer safe and therefore it can be washed thoroughly. Otherwise it can be washed by hand quite easily. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and water into the bottle and shake it thoroughly. A small brush can be used to clean the sides if it has a small opening. Clean the cap thoroughly and allow it to dry overnight.

Cleansing Tablets: There are many companies that manufacture cleansing tablets for cleaning bottles. Fill the bottle with water and drop the tablet in it. Let it remain for half an hour. Rinse it thoroughly and use the bottle as required.

Although many of these methods are used to clean the bottles, it may still retain a smell even though it has been cleaned thoroughly and frequently.

There is another method which can be used to clean these bottles effectively. Fill it with water in half full and add a handful of grains into it. Close the lid tightly and shake the bottle thoroughly. After a while pour out the water and the grains from the bottle. Wash it again with soap and warm water. Rinse it and dry it completely without the lid on. This effective method can be utilized to clean and disinfect bottles completely. Bottles will no longer be smelly, cloudy and harmful to health.

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