Tips To Clean And Maintain Indoor Waterfall Water Pumps

Press release   •   Jan 03, 2014 12:22 IST

Indoor water fountains are often used by decorators to add to the ambience of homes and office spaces. The smooth and gentle sound of the running water offers a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to homes. However, in due course of time, hard water stains and mineral deposits can clog the fountain pumps if it is left unclean. It is quite essential to clean the water fountain so as to extend the life of the water pump.

Cleaning and maintaining the indoor fountain is quite easy. It can be wiped easily with a soft towel so that it functions smoothly. However, the water pump needs regular maintenance and care. It is important to clean the pump thoroughly. The level of the water present in the pump should be maintained regularly.

The water in the basin of the fountain tends to evaporate due to humidity. Therefore it is important to fill up the basin regularly to prevent damages to the pump.

These devices tend to last for a longer period of time, if it is maintained correctly. It is important to switch off the device before cleaning it to avoid electrical shocks.

First remove the plug from the socket and then empty the water by pouring it out. If the fountain is not portable, use a vacuum to draw out the remaining water. Use a small piece of rug to soak the remaining water from the tub.

To remove the mineral build up, fill the fountain with a mixture of vinegar and water. Switch on the plug and operate the fountain for a few hours. Now unplug the device and use a scrubbing pad to remove the mineral deposits in the tub. Use a soft tooth brush to clean crevices easily. Once it is clean, empty the fountain and fill it with clean water.

To clean dirty fountains, it is important to dissemble the parts of the fountain. Dirt and debris tend to accumulate in these devices if it is left unused for many days. Use clear water to clean the surfaces of the device. Use a scrubber to clean the surfaces thoroughly. Use bleach and warm water to clean the parts of the device. Soak the parts of the fountain in water for a few hours. Once, it is cleaned thoroughly, clean the parts with a soft rag or towel and then dry it before assembling it.

It is important to clean the water in the fountain every four weeks so as to maintain the quality of the pumps for a longer period of time. As tap water contains mineral deposits and other contaminants, most people prefer to use purified water. The water can also be treated periodically to ensure high quality and better performance of the pumps. Today there are various products which assist in preventing the growth of algae and molds. There are products which prevent mineral build up in the fountains too.

A huge variety of cleaning products can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

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