Tips to Select a Brush Cutter and Operate It Safely

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2013 16:45 IST

People fond of gardening need tools and apparatus to get the garden cleaned and pruned. Brush cutter is one such useful tool. One can use it to clean the shrubs and trim the hedges to bring the plants in the garden to a desired size or even give a particular shape to the hedges. This tool is a mini lawnmower and can be hand operated. Trimming the bushes, cutting down hedges and manicuring small plants can be efficiently done with a brush cutter. This machine has a straight shaft and a head  that has rotating blades. This proves to be quite useful to do regular gardening chores as it is fast, and efficient.

There are two things that you should remember before selecting a brush cutter for yourself.

a. Weight: Lift the cutter and swing it to understand the weight. Remember, the machine will be heavier when full of fuel. So select something that you can handle. While you go to buy this tool, it will not be filled with fuel and you might be able to manoeuvre it easily. But it is imperative to understand the machine can run only when it has fuel in it and the fuel will increase the weight of the tool.

b. Type: You have the option of selecting either a two stroke or a four stroke model. The former category runs on a mixture of oil and petrol. The ratio of the two fluids must be correct so that the brush cutter functions properly. Since this model has few moving parts, it is easy to handle and operate them. The four stroke model has quite a few steps involved to operate successfully. Intake, compression, combustion and exhaust together result in this cutter model to run properly. So research carefully about the type you require for your gardening activities.

Operating Brush Cutter:
A brush cutter can be of great use, if you can use it carefully. Once you select the brush cutter of your choice, you must read the manual properly. As a safety precaution it is good to wear gloves, protective goggles and protective clothes while operating this machine. It is always safe to wear goggles as this will protect your eyes from small twigs while they are being chopped off.

Do not operate the machine in front of small children or animals. In fact you should have your spectators at a safe distance, while operating this machine. This way there will be minimum risk for them to be hurt by the debris that usually flies off in different directions. Never smoke near a brush cutter when it is in motion. A spark can cause fire and result in an accident. It is advisable to be within shouting distance of another person while you are using the machine so that you can call for help, if needed.

Often the machines may get difficult to handle and you would be left is a position where you need help. Having someone nearby may help to avert such uncalled for situations.

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