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Top 5 Highly Paid Blue-collar Jobs In India

Press Release   •   Oct 27, 2016 15:26 IST

In India, the demand for informal sector jobs is increasing day by day. If you thought blue collar jobs don’t pay well, it is time to think again. Here’s a list of vocationally-skilled blue collar profiles that offer fatter pay cheque:


Since 2011, the frequency and flexibility in travel has become higher and better with cab services from Ola and Uber in India. In fact, people have taken this opening very positively.

With this, many people have taken cab driving as a part time and full time employment opportunity. Apart from making paycheques, this has also helped people from the informal sector live a respectable life with a mere requirement of ‘know-how to drive’.

– Average earnings per day: ₹2,500-₹3,000


Every now and then, new food joints open and with this a lot of avenues have opened for this ‘not so dignified’ profession. Moreover, with the rising popularity of cooking shows, many new cooks and chefs have come into play. Only that this blue collar profession is an art and you need to train yourself perfectly well to get noticed and appreciated, one has to carefully think about it.

– On an average, a cook earns anywhere between ₹5,000 to ₹25,000 per month


One who is skilled in fashion and has a sense of modern lifestyle, never go broke. Unlike old days, when tailors sew day and night for a few bucks in return, rising requirements and expectations have changed the profession altogether.

Nowadays, people demand more than just simple stitching. They want tailors to design their clothes according to the latest fashion trends. With a large population still belonging to middle-class rely on these tailors and for this the pay-scale has also revised.

– Average earnings per day: ₹500-₹1,000 per stitching


India being a developing economy has generated a huge demand for construction workers in the recent few years. With civil engineers, construction also requires construction workers at every step of development.

– An engineer earns up to ₹11,300 per month


Another vocationally skilled blue-collar job that comes with high pay is of electricians. With increasing demand, many of blue-collar workers earn six figure salaries for electrical work or repair jobs. Since an electrician is required every now and then in households, this profession is here to stay. It may not be highly visible but undoubtedly, highly paying which is why elevator installers, electricians or mechanical engineers top the list of highest-paying blue-collar job.

– Starting salary of an electrician is ₹16,200 as compared to ₹14,200 for a civil engineer

With the penetration of low-cost smartphones and easy access to the internet, our courier boys, maids, drivers, tailors, and cooks have also taken the task of finding jobs to online job portals. This way, they easily connect with the potential employers.

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