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Top Categories of Edible Oils Used in Cooking and Oil Based Products

Press Release   •   Aug 29, 2012 16:21 IST

Edible oil in general is defined as a substance which is fit for human consumption. These oils are obtained mainly from different parts of plants like seeds, flowers and fruits. While many of them are used for different cooking practices, others are used as food supplements or for the purpose of dressing. However, their usage is not restricted to culinary purposes only.

A variety of edible oil products in different categories are manufactured. In the Asian countries like India and many African countries, these are packaged as cooking oils or utilized in manufacturing different types of products. Their properties like nutritional values, flavors and aromas favor different types of applications. Here is a discussion about their common categories used for various purposes.

Cooking Oils

Oils obtained from sunflower, coconut and olive are among the most common examples used in a variety of food preparations. Cottonseed oil is the edible oil which is used for cooking as well as for salad dressing. Other examples include those obtained from corn, palms, rapeseeds and sesame seeds. Many others obtained from the nuts like almonds, cashew nut, hazelnut, pecans and walnut are also widely used for cooking practices. For being rich in a variety of nutrients like vitamins, these oils form the base of healthy cooking.

Cosmetic Oils

A variety of skin care products make use of one or the other edible oil because of their nutritional values. Almond oil is the best example in this regard, as it is used as a popular ingredient for skin creams, hair care products, moisturizers and body massage products. Olive oil is also popular for the manufacturing of skin ointments and lotions. Oils obtained from apricots, chestnuts, perilla seeds, shea butter, wheat germ and tea seed are other noteworthy examples in this category.

Medicine Oils

Not many people know that many oils of edible nature are also used in the preparation of different types of medicines. Cashew shell edible oil is useful in treating dental cavities. Pine net oil is regarded as a useful appetite suppressant. One obtained from lemon is well-known for its soothing aroma and is used in aromatherapy. The variety obtained form black seed is long known for its usage in Greek and Asian medicines. Cocoa butter is also a good example, as it is used in the preparation of a number of ointments.

Other Popular Categories

Soap-making: Oils prepared from grapefruit seed, olive, cohune, hemp and poppy seed are the top examples used in making soaps.

Paints: Safflower edible oil is an important constituent of paints. Other examples include hemp and walnut oils.

Bio-fuels and Lamp Fuel: Palm, sunflower and rice bran oils are of edible quality that can also be used as bio-fuels. Olive and cohune oils are used as traditional lamp fuels.

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