Trends And Styles of Long Skirts

Press Release   •   Feb 25, 2013 10:54 IST

Skirts can add a spark to a woman’s wardrobe, be it at any age. They can highlight the figure and make a lady look chic and stylish. Skirts can be knee-length or ankle length and make a lady look extremely pretty and charming all at the same time. This article will help you to learn something useful about these skirts.

Types of Long Skirts:

Most women feel extremely comfortable and stylish in long skirts. There are quite a few types of skirts that can make their way into the closet.

• Pencil skirts make a woman look tall and slender. If they are tight, they can bring out the curves as well. Some of these skirts have slits on the sides or at the back giving and this can make a woman look very glamorous.

• There are also the flair skirts that make one look like a mermaid. The fall of these skirts broaden towards the end. This cut is inspired from ball room gowns and also wedding dresses.

• The gypsy long skirts are great for casual outings and fun moments. They are usually colourful, adding a playful touch to the look. They are perfect for a girl's night out, a family picnic, or even an evening with a friend.

• Some of the skirts have ruffles. These flowing skirts at times work wonders during parties. These skirts are best suited for lean women having good bone structure. These types of skirts are also used for various Latin American dance forms.

• There are also the wrap-around long skirts, and they are often referred to as sarongs.

Different wrap around skirts in floral prints and animal prints are best suited for a casual evening out with friends or on a beach. These skirts seem to be a riot of colours most of the time and they exude warmth. They are comfortable, not too tight and are mostly made of material that does not let water stay on it for long.

Material Used for Long Skirts:

Long skirts can be made of a varied number of materials. The pencil skirts and flair skirts look good in heavy material like corduroy, denim and polyester. This makes the skirt look firm. Cotton is used to make gypsy skirts and silk is commonly used for ruffles. Some of the skirts are also made of rayon. Sarongs are often made of synthetic material so that they do not stay wet for a long time. Fancy skirts often have embroidery on them making the skirt look unique and classic.

At times, skirts are made of mixed material. Sometimes the material is also selected depending on the design of the skirt. If the skirt needs to be shiny, then silk is definitely one of the choicest materials. But if the skirt required fancy thread work, it can be denim, cotton or similar material. Every woman likes to look good and experiment with their look. Long skirts are a good way of bring out a new side of a personality.

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