Txt pro from Sony smart phones WiFi phone with a keyboard

Press Release   •   Aug 06, 2012 15:37 IST

These days sustaining in this highly competitive field of technology has became one of the most difficult task to accomplish, as now a days people are asking for more gadgets with more latest features and functions in them with the each passing second, so that they can enjoy their personal as well as professional life in a much better way.

But providing the same to them requires a lot of hard work by the experts, which is quite not an easy task to accomplish. But much to the amazement of all Sony Ericsson has again proved to its competitors with the Sony Ericsson mobile of theirs, that they are way far advanced when its comes to the field of technology if compared.

In fact with this new product of theirs which is known as Sony Ericsson txt pro they have proved to the others that, best features with the assurance of quality can be provided to the customers in a low price range as well.

That's true that i am a die hard fan of this company named as 'Sony Ericsson' but what i have just conveyed above is not because of my liking towards the company, rather it is because i truly feel that this new mobile phone from the company is quite well competent to provide you all what you have been looking for. And to assure you of the same below is the list of its features.

These days many mobile phones are coming with the 3G feature in them and because of this reason only most of these are highly rated as well, but if we look onto the facts we will find that there are very few who actually use this feature at all, therefore all in all the hyped price we are paying is for a feature we don't use at all.

But same is not the case with this new Sony Ericsson mobile, as neither it has added any unrequired features in its list nor it has charged for the same, and the end result comes out to be a budget mobile with all the features which are required.

A 3 inch capacitive touch screen is more then enough so that you can work easy on the various applications which are provided, that to with a separate qwerty key pad, so that you find no problem while writing your messages and mails.

Sony Ericsson txt pro Price in India is some where near around rupees seven thousand only but the list of features you are getting in this price is hard to achieve from any other company. For example you can find the facility of FM radio in it so that you can keep yourself entertained, Wi-Fi facility to face no problem while working on internet, and expandable storage capacity of 32 GB which will help you in carrying your office files with you and last but not the least the facility of GPRS and EDGE in it.

All in the end we can truly say that having a look at the various Sony Ericsson txt pro review it has received from the experts is worth the time we invest on the same. So that we can make a better decision regarding buying it or not.

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