Types And Popularity of Modular Display Systems

Press Release   •   Oct 19, 2012 16:13 IST

Display systems are technologically advanced tools used for business promotions at a variety of venues. Trade shows, business events, exhibitions and business conferences are the main examples of the venues where these systems help in introducing new products and advertise the existing ones. With the passage of time, these systems have become extremely portable, thereby adding convenience to their usage.

There are many types in which portable systems for business display exist. One of the most popular varieties is that of modular systems that offer a number of advantages. The following two sections discuss the types and advantages of the best of these systems.

Popular Types of Display Systems:

Pop up stands are among the most popular portable display systems and are well known for their compact sizes and ability to display graphics in details. For double display graphic panels, banner stands are quite popular. These are also available in different sizes and are extremely lightweight.

The use of aluminum in these systems makes them practical solutions. One popular variety is that of folding panel systems which consist of aluminum frames. As the name suggests, these systems can be easily folded for easy transportation. Panel and pole systems are other well-known tools that are quick and convenient to assemble and dissemble.

The modular display systems are also available in the category of portable systems. These systems are further available in many different types; the most popular ones being linear display stands, linear curved graphics systems and linear LCD graphic panel stands. Because of their numerous advantages, these systems stand out for effective business promotions.

Advantages of Modular Displays:

The most worthwhile advantage of modular systems is the way they can be customized. In fact, the latest designs available in the market have hundreds of customizable features. The users can customize their shapes and sizes according to the demand of the presentation venues. Another advantage is that modular display systems can be expanded at any point in the future by adding new components and accessories. It means that these systems are highly scalable business promotion tools.

It is interesting to note how even the large sized modular displays can be easily and quickly assembled and dissembled. To make them highly portable, these systems are designed in such a way that they can be divided into very small components that can be easily transported to and from the venues. The modern designs are made even more useful with addition of many features like cabinets, storage racks and shelves. Those available in LCD designs are known for offering additional advantage of conveying audio-visual messages.

Modular display systems are designed to be durable and can be used for more than one event or trade show. Many attractive styles and designs can be found to make the business promotions highly competitive. As far as cost in concerned, these systems are more expensive than other portable systems. However, their abilities to customize offer the best returns to the business owners.

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