Types and Uses of Car Wash Equipment

Press Release   •   Nov 28, 2011 10:24 IST

Car wash equipment is basically used to clean the inner and outer surfaces of an automobile. There are usually two sets of equipments used for cleaning automobiles. One set is used to clean the exterior surfaces and the next set is used for cleaning the interior surfaces of the automobile. While the interior surfaces of the automobiles can be cleaned with steam cleaners and carpet cleaners, the exterior surface requires powerful pressure washer. All these equipments are mainly used to clean automobiles in a quicker pace easily.

Car Wash Equipment- the Different Types

External Surfaces of Automobiles: For washing the outer or external surfaces of the automobiles, pressure washers are commonly used in most of the countries. The pressure washers are quite effective in cleaning the external surfaces of cars and trucks. Most of the pressure washers have different temperature or pressure levels to wash different types of automobiles. To wash trucks and automobiles, high pressure washers are often used. The low flow car wash equipment utilizes less water but high steam to clean vehicles at a faster speed. It has a low flow rate compared to the other equipments used for washing automobiles and other vehicles.

There are many other types of equipments used to wash vehicles. Most of these equipments can be bought online from authentic websites at reasonable prices. Some of the equipments have several advantages such as the ability to clean greasy engines, melt ice and snow on the engines, road dust, bugs and other termites, plant sap and all other types of dirt from the vehicles.

Interior Surfaces of Automobiles: The interior surfaces of the vehicles are often cleaned with the use of steam cleaners. This car wash equipment is quite different from the pressure washers used for cleaning the exterior surfaces of the automobiles. It does not possess the high pressure levels of the pressure washer. Therefore it can seldom be used to clean engine greases, car surfaces and trucks. Moreover, these equipments use dry steam with brushes which are quite inadequate to clean grease and other stubborn dirt from the surfaces of the automobiles.

Steam Cleaners and Carpet Cleaners

The steam cleaners are basically used to clean the interior surfaces of the vehicles. Dust, pollen, mold, food crumbs and other materials can be cleaned easily with the help of steam cleaners. Today portable steam cleaners are widely available and are used to clean the dashboards, windows, door handles and carpets of the automobiles. This equipment can be used to clean carpets in the vehicles. It has a high temperature which helps to eliminate mold and dirt from the interior surfaces of the automobiles.

The carpet cleaners are more efficient in cleaning the carpets and upholsteries inside the vehicles. The carpet cleaning wash equipment should have smaller rods than the steam cleaners for the purpose of effective cleaning. It is important to buy low flow machines while purchasing carpet cleaners as it consumes less water and allows the carpets to dry quickly. Nevertheless, the right type of car wash equipment should be chosen to increase productivity and obtain clean vehicles.

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