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Types and Working Mechanism of Pneumatic Tools

Press Release   •   Oct 05, 2012 16:51 IST

Pneumatics is the field dealing with the tools and applications based on pressurized air or gases. Pneumatic tools, machines and systems differ from their electrical and hydraulic counterparts on the basis of the driving force. While electrical tools work on electricity and hydraulic tools using pressurized liquids, pneumatic tools make use of compressed air or gas.

There are popular examples like pneumatic cylinder, sander, grinder, screw gun, nail gun and wrench that are widely used for domestic and industrial applications. The ease of use and safety associated with these tools make them extremely popular. Here are the sections discussing different types of tools based on air pressure, along with the work mechanisms of each.

Basic Working

It is a well-known fact that stored air or gases have potential energy which is converted into kinetic energy when they are compressed. Compressed air or gases try to expand, thereby forcing the piston to move with a great force. This force of the pressurized gases forms the basis of pneumatic tools. A pneumatic cylinder is the simplest example of understanding the mechanism. In fact, the cylinders in different shapes filled with air or gases like carbon dioxide are attached to other pneumatic tools to perform the desired functions.

Pneumatic Guns

Air guns based on the principles of pneumatics are popular for nailing and using screws at an impressive speed. The earliest forms of nail guns were based on air pressure utilization only. Apart from building construction, woodworking and carpentry are other fields in which these tools are of great advantage. Pneumatic screw guns are used for fast feeding of screws for different applications.

Pneumatic Cylinders

A pneumatic cylinder can be found in many different types, like single-acting cylinder, double acting cylinder, rotary air cylinder, rod-less air cylinder and telescoping cylinder. These cylinders are preferred for many reasons that include noise-free operation and elimination of the need to store liquids, as in the case of hydraulic cylinders. An air-based pneumatic cylinder is also clean and environment-friendly as any leakage from it doesn’t pollute the surroundings.

Pneumatic Sprayers

These tools are popular for being capable of coating large surfaces with paint within short duration. Their work mechanism is quite similar to that of pneumatic guns. Moreover, different types of nozzles can be used in these tools to change the speed of spraying the paint.

Other Tools

Pneumatic actuators are the tools consisting of parts like pneumatic cylinder, piston and valves and are used in the applications like oil refining and chemical industries. Another popular category is that of pneumatic drills which is widely preferred over those based on electric motors these days. Grinders, wrenches and sanders are other popular tools based on pneumatics. Some of the other categories gaining popularity with the manufacturing and other industrial units include air compressors, air brakes, pneumatic bladder, pressure sensor and pressure regulator.

Manufacturers of these tools are coming up with improved versions to facilitate the needs of domestic as well as industrial users. These tools are traded among different countries and regions around the world using online business directories.

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