Types of Beautiful Hand Embroidered Wall Hangings

Press release   •   May 02, 2012 16:45 IST

Wall hangings are used to enhance the decor of homes, offices, boutiques and other places. Tapestries, art work and mirrors are some of the most common forms of these embellishments. Hand embroidered designs are also quite popular in decorating homes. Today a wide variety of paintings, embroidered fabrics and sculptures are found in many of the online stores at attractive price rates. There are paintings and hand woven embroideries which convey specific messages too.

Beautiful Types of Artwork

For centuries, embroidered fabrics have been in use in the form of royal clothes, wall hanging, table cloths, pillow covers, bed sheets and so forth. Today the techniques used to embroider clothes and fabrics have altered to a large extent. New colors, threads, materials and techniques are added to embroidery patterns to acquire some of the magnificent designs and styles of artwork.

Beautifully decorated wall hangings are available in many of the online stores. The Kodi hangings are one of the most popular and exclusive varieties of artwork that can be bought from online stores. These tapestries are used during festive seasons and it is made in intricate patterns and designs. Colored net, Kodi and printed sheets are used to make these tapestries.

Different Types of Tapestries Online

There are beautiful tapestry hangings which include embroidered patterns of elephants, tigers and camels. Many of the online stores showcase patterns of unmatched beauty, elegance and quality. A variety of jute hangings are also available in many of the online stores. Beautifully embroidered jute hangings are available in a variety of designs, colors and sizes to embellish the beauty of any home. These tapestries are hand woven by skillful embroidery artists.

Zari and semi-precious stones are also used in wall hangings to enhance the beauty of homes. Exquisite jewel carpets of different sizes and colors are also available in many of the online stores at various price rates. Most of the dealers also offer customized jewel carpets as per customer orders.

Another exclusive variety of wall hanging includes the Rajasthani embroidered hangings which are woven in the cottage industries by the Rajasthani women. It is among the traditional products available in the online stores. These tapestries depict the traditional craftsmanship and the expertise of the people of Rajasthan.

There are designer tapestries which are available in different innovative shapes which include the shape of trees, peacock, shell and so forth. These hangings are available in a huge array of colors and sizes to meet the needs of various customers.

Most of the hand embroidered tapestries are available in different patterns which include the Taj Mahal tapestries, Peacock and Parrot tapestries and various other types of birds. All these embroidered hangings are durable and made from the finest threads. It is known to be superior in quality.

Golden embroidered hangings are quite popular for its elegant designs and unmatchable quality. Clothes such as velvet, satin, ribbon and woolen blazers are used for tapestries. The hanging frames are made of silver and golden thread, zari and other expensive materials to give a perfect finish to the wall hangings.

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