Types of Electric Wheelchairs Efficiency and Use

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2011 12:48 IST

The power wheelchair or the electric wheelchair was the discovery of George Klein during the period of the Second World War. The invention of the power wheelchair is considered as a milestone in the history of science and technology. It has liberated the lives of millions of people who are differently abled. People with different disabilities find the usage of the power chairs extremely beneficial.

Electric Wheelchair- A Blessing to Millions

The advent of electric wheelchair has succeeded in transforming the lives of millions of people by providing them the freedom to move around which would have been impossible otherwise. There are many types of power wheelchairs available in the markets today which are suitable for different types of disabilities.

In-built with a number of features such as hand controllers, reclining, chin elevation, tilting, and head rest, these power chairs are indeed a unique discovery in the field of science and technology. These wheelchairs can be used by those who are recuperating from serious illness or injuries.

Electric wheelchair is designed differently for adults and for children. There are more than hundreds of different varieties of power wheel chairs today with different features and designs. Some of the wheelchairs are light weighted and portable. It is east to dismantle these varieties and can be carried around in flights and trains.

The power wheel chairs are extremely beneficial to the elderly as it helps them to move around safely and independently. It helps them to complete their daily chores which would have been overwhelming with an ordinary wheelchair.

Selecting the Right Type of Power Wheelchair

As there are different varieties of power wheelchairs, it is important to select the right type of wheelchair that best suits individual requirements. For indoor uses, most of the people prefer to choose the front wheel powered chairs as it has better movements and is suitable for smooth rides. However, the four wheel powered chairs are considered the most powerful electric wheelchair available in the stores today.

Another power wheel chair suitable for outdoor purpose includes the heavy duty wheelchair which is apt for rugged surfaces. It is quite heavy and requires lifts and ramps for transportation.

The light weighted transportable wheelchair is the most popular electric wheelchair that can be dismantled easily. It is suitable for narrow halls and has swift turning facilities.

For better battery power, it is essential to choose the powerbase wheelchair which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It has unique features and is quite tensile. Being a heavy machine, it requires lifts for transportation. It cannot be dismantled as it has a number of inbuilt mechanisms.

The most popular varieties include the mid wheel driven electric wheel chair and the rear wheel driven electric wheelchair. The mid wheel driven power chairs have better steering facilities and can be used aptly for indoor movements. The rear wheel driven power chairs on the other hand have a number of features and are used widely by many people. It is known for its efficiency and safety features. Today it is easy to find all these varieties in many of the online stores at attractive rates.

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