UAE Steel Industry Outlook 2018

Press release   •   May 20, 2014 17:38 IST

UAE’s steel demand has made it one of the largest consumers in the GCC region. Over the past decade, steel consumption in UAE has increased considerably buoyed by construction boom, growing investment in the real estate sector and rapid infrastructure developments. In addition, the steel industry has witnessed growth in terms of production, as various players are expanding their production capacities to meet the soaring steel demand.

In the latest research report “UAE Steel Industry Outlook 2018”, our analysts have studied the UAE steel industry’s performance in terms of production, consumption, import and export. Our research is an outcome of extensive primary & secondary research and thorough analysis of industry trends. For the study, we have conducted interviews with industry experts, such as UAE steel manufacturers and traders.

The report covers production and consumption forecast till 2018 of crude and finished steel. Finished steel has been further segmented into long and flat products. Long products have been further classified into rebar and structural sections. Extensive research and analysis revealed that long products occupy the maximum share in finished steel consumption. In long products, rebar dominates finished steel consumption in UAE. Similarly, flat products have been segmented into coils, strips & sheets and plates. Our comprehensive report has closely studied and provided market forecast till 2018 for production and consumption of both long & flat products and their types.

Our research also depicts that the steel industry in UAE is highly import oriented. Thus, the report provides steel imports & exports of ingots and semi-finished steel, long products, flat products, and tubular products. In addition, the report highlights the major steel exporting countries to UAE along with the countries from where UAE imports steel.

On account of our analysis of the past and present market trends, primary research, and drivers, we have also observed that construction & infrastructure industry occupies maximum share in finished steel consumption, followed by manufacturing industry. Thus, the report covers long and flat steel products consumption outlook till 2018 in construction & infrastructure, and manufacturing industry.

Our report has also provided a brief overview of the drivers and competitive landscape covering the profiles & key management people of various industry players like Emirates Steel, Qatar Steel Company FZE and Conares, among others.

Thus, the report covers all the important aspects of the UAE steel industry, which will prove decisive for the clients. Overall, the report is an outcome of extensive research and prudent analysis and is meant to offer suitable knowledge base to those who are interested in UAE steel industry.

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