Understanding the Features, Benefits and Uses of plasma cutter

Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2011 11:48 IST

A plasma cutter is a tool used to cut various types of metals including steel. These tools are used to cut metals of different thickness using a unique type of torch known popularly as the plasma torch. The pressurized air is converted to an arc by using high frequency electric power. In other words, high frequency electrical arc and compressed gas are required for the functioning of these cutters.

Basic Features

The use of plasma cutter was popularized during the Second World War, ever since then these cutters have been widely used in different fields for various purposes. Today there are many varieties of cutters used for cutting electrically conducive metals easily and quickly. As there are many types of cutters available in many of the leading departmental stores, it is quite vital to choose the right type of equipment that is required by specific industries.

In the earlier days, these cutters produced blunt cutting edges and were quite inaccurate. But today, technological developments have altered the cutting features of these tools, producing neat and precise edges and better cutting technologies that consume comparatively lesser power.

Significant Benefits of Using plasma cutter

Let us examine some of the most important benefits.

Precision: One of the greatest advantages of using these tools involves great precision and accuracy. Most of these cutters are used in CNC machines which guarantee precision and neat cutting edges. As these cutters are controlled by computers, the possibility of imprecise cutting is negated.

User friendly: These equipments are user friendly and seldom require skill and experience. Nevertheless, it should be used with great care to avoid accidents.

Power consumption: Compared to the other cutting machines, these equipments consume comparatively less amount of power.

Portable: This is considered to be one of the most ideal devices for cutting metals as it is portable and can be fixed to generators and welding machines quite easily.

The plasma cutter is quite versatile as it can be used for a variety of purposes. It is widely used by artists to create beautiful and complex patterns on metals. These cutters are also used for industrial purposes which include production of metal pieces. The cutters are attached to machines which improve the speed and precision of the machines.

As these equipments are highly portable, it can be carried to industrial sites for the purpose of metal fabrication. It can also be used to cut metal pieces for various construction purposes quite easily and quickly. In the earlier days, cutting metals required time and money but today it can be accomplished quite easily with the help of these cutting equipments.

These cutters are primarily used by plumbers to cut pipes. Compared to the manual cutters, the use of these cutting equipments help to achieve precision as it cuts the edges of the pipes quite smoothly. Most of the plumbers prefer to use these cutters as it guarantees smooth edges. Different types of cutters can be bought quite easily from a number of dealers listed in the online portals at affordable price rates.

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