United States Dominating IT Security Market

Press release   •   May 29, 2012 11:34 IST

Increasing awareness about the information security threats and necessity to safeguard corporate networks and data has propelled the growth in the demand for the IT security products worldwide. As per our research, we found that the US remained the leader in the global IT security market accounting for major share followed by the EU-27, Japan, and Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ). Moreover, with growing demand for IT products in the country, the demand for security products is also expected to increase. However, looking at the future trend, it is anticipated that the share of the US in the IT-security market will decrease compared to the other emerging regions.

According to our recent research report, “Global IT Security Market Forecast to 2013”, amid global economic slowdown, growing concerns over the IT security among all sized organizations helped the sector  to grow positively during the past couple of years. Businesses across different sectors are migrating from their conventional operations to IT-enabled solutions. Moreover, with the growing usage of IT-enabled solutions, Internet and e-commerce activities worldwide, the demand for IT security solutions has been growing at the fastest rates in the country, which is further projected to grow at a CAGR of around 12% during 2012-2015.

The report authored to evaluate Global IT Security Market gives a brief overview of the IT market on the global as well as a country level perspective. The report thoroughly studies the importance of the IT security market in all the countries under review. Various factors, which will drive the IT security market in future, have been comprehensively discussed in the report. Our report gives a detailed analysis on the global IT security market, in terms of IT security appliances, IT security software, and IT security services. Each section briefly explains the current and future trends in the global IT security market. The report also gives a future forecast for each country’s IT security industry. Besides, it also sheds light on the key players in the IT industry, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

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