US Cardiac Device Market Analysis

Press Release   •   Jul 17, 2012 14:58 IST

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “US Cardiac Device Market Analysis” to its report gallery. The higher prevalence of cardiovascular diseases has become a cause of concern for the US healthcare authorities as mortalities tend to rise and economic burden keep increasing. It is estimated that the country has around 80 Million persons living with cardiovascular diseases and the total direct cost associated with the disease is to the tune of around US$ 314 Billion. To gauge the disease burden, RNCOS’s new research, “US Cardiac Device Market Analysis”, offers comprehensive insight into the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in the US, mortality by disease areas, number of procedures performed and their mean cost.

The market for cardiac medical devices in the US is one of the most prominent healthcare segments in the country as aging population and the demand for innovative treatment options are consistently boosting the market. We project that this lucrative market is likely to register a CAGR of around 9% during 2012-2015. In this context, the report effectively analyzes the current market size and key drivers. It also provides the forecast for the overall market and its key segments namely: cardiac rhythm management, interventional cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. In addition, it also provides the market analysis at the sub-segment level and elaborates their future position.

The report illustrates about the regulatory scenario for medical devices in the US and talks about the key laws that govern the sector. The report also covers an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape with regards to cardiac medical devices in the US and broadly elaborates about the players in terms of their business description, financial performance, strengths & weaknesses and key activities. Moreover, the report provides a brief overview of the major cardiac medical device segments in which players primarily operate.

Overall, the report is an outcome of an extensive research and prudent analysis of the US cardiac medical device market that seeks to provide clients with an optimum source of knowledge and statistics on the concerned industry.

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