US miRNA Market Poised at Stupendous Growth

Press Release   •   Aug 29, 2012 14:56 IST

With miRNA research gaining significant attention, US represent the largest and the most promising market across all geographies. A highly active research environment, generous funding, and support provided through the regulatory authorities, along with high standards of research infrastructure and intellect are the most common factors backing this growth. In 2008, qRT-PCR accounted for the largest segment while microarray-based systems ranked second in the industry. There are several ongoing trials and projects related to miRNA research and promising funding opportunities that will prove to be a major boost to innovation in the sector says our new research report, “Global miRNA Market Outlook”.

Our research identified that, the miRNA market has emerged from a very small sector to a highly active segment in the Life Sciences. The significant role that miRNAs play in gene regulation and molecular expression has stimulated extensive research studies. This enthusiasm has also prompted several Life Science companies to enter the miRNA market in this research trend. As more scientists are conducting research in this field, more products are being purchased that are driving the overall miRNA market. The global miRNA market is expected to evolve further and research and innovation is expected to reach unprecedented heights.

Amongst the various studies utilizing miRNAs, cancer-related research hold most promising prospects with major focus of research being aimed at identifying new therapeutic targets and understanding gene regulation. Apart from this, basic biology and therapeutics development are the other major focus areas. The various miRNA techniques used in research include miRNA Purification, miRNA Labeling, miRNA Linear Amplification, miRNA Microarrays, miRNA QRT-PCR and, miRNA Inhibition.

The research provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the current status of the ongoing miRNA researches across the globe. It covers a detailed description of the role of miRNA in various diseases, like cancer, cardiovascular disorders, metabolic disorders, and muscle disorders. The analysis of various miRNA techniques prevalent in the market has also been included in the report to provide a balanced outlook on the potentials of the miRNA. Further, the major players in the market have been profiled to provide a holistic understanding of the market.

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