US: Potential Insulin Market

Press release   •   May 07, 2014 15:26 IST

The increasing diabetes prevalence in US has contributed towards the development of effective and reasonable insulin delivery devices across the country. Certain other factors including increasing ageing population, rising obesity and the changing lifestyle habits of the US population also lead to the growth in this market. However, the market has showcased significant development with respect to capabilities of leading players such as Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, Eli Lily.  These players have been aggressively involved in marketing and R&D efforts.

Increasing prevalence of diabetes patient population will boost the growth of insulin market which may reach to approximately US$ 45 Billion by the end of 2018. According to RNCOS Research Report, “Global Insulin Market Outlook 2018”, the growth is also attributed because of the innovation in insulin delivery devices.

The report takes into account the key aspects of the global insulin market and projects the market during 2013-2018. Our report prudently analyzed major players, their product portfolio, recent developments, diabetes prevalence across different geographies, current and future market size for global insulin market as well as geographical markets of India, China, US, Russia, etc. Our comprehensive research work also studies how patent expiry of block buster insulin products would create opportunities for biosimilars.

Overall, the report aims at providing reliable and complete information about the global insulin market to clients and potential investors.

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