US Telelaparoscopy - Creating New Avenues for Telemedicine Vendors

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2013 15:31 IST

The Telemedicine Industry in the US is comprised of a number of segments that have revolutionized healthcare administration in the country and globally. The global telemedicine market is anticipated to grow at a robust CAGR of around 14% during 2012-2016. Amongst the several contributing geographies, US accounts for a predominant 50% share and has offered a significant platform for innovative developments. Our report has identified telegastroenterology, teleoncology, and telesurgery as the three major avenues exhibiting maximum growth.

The report reveals the field of Telelaparoscopy in telesurgery to have lucrative opportunities for telemedicine hardware, software, and network vendors in near future. Telelaparoscopy has also shown medically improved outcomes of surgery, its potential to fill the demand – supply gap as in high surgical need vs. lack of skilled physicians in the US. Amongst the laparoscopic general surgeries, cholecystectomy has the largest overall market and addresses a large patient pool.

The report, “US Telelaparoscopy Opportunity Analysis”, provides a systematic analysis of the national and state level demand supply gap of the Laparoscopic general surgeons and suggests telelaparoscopy as a remedy to fill this gap in a sustainable manner. The report highlights the top and bottom states that could interchange surgeon and patient resources in this light and also provide valuable recommendations to telemedicine hardware, software, and network providers. The report also provides valuable market dynamics, such as the current and forecasted market and segmentation for the Global and US Telemedicine Industry and also provides key market players by specialization area. This report is a must read for the existing telemedicine players and companies aiming to enter the next-gen healthcare revolution.

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