Useful Tips to Grow Vegetable Plants

Press release   •   Dec 16, 2011 11:40 IST

The increasing use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals have made vegetables unfit for consumption. However, vegetable plants can be grown in your garden with a little effort and time. Plants grown in the garden are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. It can be grown organically too. These plants require a small amount of space and can be grown anywhere in your garden. A small garden can provide delicious vegetables to the entire family. The happiness of feeding your family with fresh vegetables is quite unfathomable. But it is quite necessary to understand the basic concepts of planting and growing these plants.

Important Tips for Growing Vegetable Plants

Location of the garden: Before planning to grow a garden, it is important to find an appropriate location for the garden. Find the sunniest place in your garden to plant the seeds. Most of the vegetables require good sunlight. It is also important to find a place far from other trees and shrubs that drain away all the nutrients and water meant for your garden. Locate your garden near to a water source which makes it easier to water the plants.

Fertile soil: There are mainly three types of soil which are clayey soil, sand and silt soil. It is necessary to understand the preparation of the soil before planting the seeds. Soil preparation is basically the foundation of your garden. The productivity of your garden depends on the soil. Clayey soil is suitable for hot areas where there is ample amount of sunlight as the soil soaks up water and has the capacity to retain it. Thus clayey soil seldom dries up in the sun. Sand soil allows plants to breathe as it is quite loose. The silt soil is a perfect blend of both sand and clayey soil. vegetable plants require good combination of soil. It is important to remove stones, rocks and weeds before planting the seeds. The soil should be a perfect mixture of sand, clay and silt.

Choice of vegetables: It is important to choose the plants before you sow the seeds. Some plants do not grow when placed close to certain other plants. Tomatoes and potatoes do not grow well when placed close to each other. Plant nurseries have all the needed information related to the planting and growing of seeds.

Water: After planting your vegetable plants in the fertile soil, it is crucial to water the seeds. It is necessary to water the plants consistently so that these plants thrive. Locating the garden near to a source of water is essential as it reduces the task of carrying pots of water to your garden. A water hose or sprinkler is quite ideal for watering your plants consistently.

Appropriate time: Another important factor to consider while planting vegetable plants include considering the appropriate time to plant the seeds. Majority of these plants do not survive in freezing temperature. There are safe climatic conditions suitable for planting seeds. It is necessary to plant your favorite plants during these seasons to obtain fresh and delicious vegetables.

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