Uses And Benefits of Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Press Release   •   Dec 28, 2013 11:35 IST

Unsaturated polyester resin is primarily an artificial material that is manufactured by a reaction between organic acids and alcohol. It has various properties which makes it a very useful material in several industries. It can take different forms such as gel, liquid and film. These resins offer different positive physical characteristics, ease of use and affordable price rate. The strength of this product varies largely according to its application. As it is resistant to the vagaries of nature and light in weight, it is used widely by engineers, architects, designers and builders for various applications.

Understanding Its Different Uses:

Marine And Automotive Field: The adhesive property of this material makes it ideal to stick different layers of fiberglass for building body panels in boats, automobiles and aeroplanes. Being light-weighted and tensile, it is used to construct lightweight planes and racing cars. It is also used in marine field for the construction of boats and yachts. The internal structures of the boats are also made with the use of these materials.

Construction Materials: It is used as a source of strength in various construction materials due to its lightweight attribute. It is mixed with acrylic to make cabinet fixtures and assembled shower stalls. It is utilized as a decorative material to coat metals. Today it is widely used along with fiberglass to coat buildings for weatherproofing and extra strength.

Furnishing: It is used to coat the interior areas of various electrical devices such as wet grinders and washing machines. Compared to the interiors made of stainless steel, resin coated surfaces seldom rust. The incomparable attributes of resin is the major reason it is used for various applications such as the manufacture of patio furniture. Moreover, it is affordable, easy to replace, weather-resistant and water proof.

Packaging Material: One of the most attractive features of this unsaturated synthetic material is its ability to form into film when it is dried. It takes the form of transparent sheets which makes it an ideal packaging product. With the development of various technological features, several new methods of packaging came into existence. This synthetic material is generally used as the base in most forms of packaging. It is extensively used on luggage and suitcases so that it appears attractive. The resin is reinforced by leather or fabric so that it appears shiny and beautiful.

Geysers: Another important feature of unsaturated polyester resin is that it is resistant to low temperatures and therefore it is widely used for hot water geysers and refrigerator enclosures.

Compared to the increasing prices of various metals such as aluminum and steel, this unsaturated synthetic material is quite affordable. This material can be moulded at an ambient temperature compared to the high temperature required to mould metals. It can also be used to add beauty to buildings and other structures. Moreover, it is eco-friendly as it seldom depletes the natural resources. It can be easily derived from plant oils and starches. Due to its distinctive attributes, there is an ever increasing demand and potential for this synthetic resin in the modern world.

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