Uses of Different Types of Carbon Steel

Press release   •   Mar 02, 2012 14:27 IST

Carbon steel pipes are used for a variety of applications. Carbon is the only alloy included in these steel pipes. It is widely used in most of the heavy industries for a variety of purposes.

Two Different Varieties and Its Advantages

Basically, these steel pipes can be categorized into two different varieties which include the high and low carbon varieties. The higher alloy steel pipes are used to manufacture a variety of products such as blades, cutting tools, high-strength wires and springs. The low alloy steel pipes are used to transmit substances such as oil and gas.

The high alloy steel pipes are susceptible to extreme heat. It is malleable and can be shaped in different forms. It is therefore widely used in most of the heavy industries for different purposes. Compared to the other steel pipes, the high alloy carbon steel pipes are quite tensile. It has the power to withstand various climatic conditions. These steel pipes are widely used in oil industries as it both tensile and durable.

As these pipes are corrosion resistant, it can be used in acidic and corrosion prone areas. This feature is considered to be one of the greatest advantages of using these steel pipes.

The low alloy steel pipes can be used to transport oil and water from industries. As these pipes are resistant to corrosion, it can be used underwater. The steel pipes also find its application in oil rigs as it is resistant to rust. Nevertheless, the low alloy pipes are less tensile than the high alloy pipes.

The galvanized carbon steel pipe is another variety of steel pipe which includes an electroplated zinc coating. These steel alloy pipes are durable and tensile as it includes zinc coating which prevents corrosion and rust.

Use of Steel Pipes in Heavy Industries

Steel pipes are used in most of the heavy industries for the production and the transportation of various goods. Such pipes are basically used for transporting materials from one place to another. Owing to its rugged and robust qualities, it is ideal for various industrial purposes. As the demand for steel pipes have risen in the past few years, most of the people opt for online purchase of alloy steel pipes.

The seamless steel pipes are also popularly used in heavy industries. As these pipes have no joints, it negates the possibility of degradation of joints and seams. Welded steel pipes are also used for most of the industrial purposes today. Moreover, these steel pipes can be cut easily with the use of plasma cutters which are widely used for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Carbon steel pipes can be obtained in customized sizes and dimensions to suit various industrial purposes. Custom made steel alloy pipes need to be welded so that it can obtain the required size and dimension.

Today there are quite a number of manufacturers and dealers listed in the online stores that supply alloy steel pipes of different dimensions and sizes. However, it is necessary to check the grades and the specification of the steel pipes before its purchase.

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