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Uses of Silica Sand: Why Different Industries Look for Bulk Supply

Press Release   •   Jul 23, 2012 12:55 IST

Silica sand, commonly referred to as silicon dioxide and quartz sand, is one of the most abundant materials available on earth. There are many manufacturers in the countries like India who obtain the quartz crystals from the sources like beach sand dunes and process them into different types and grades of sand. These varieties of sand are then supplied to industries for different applications.

Apart from granules of fine size, silica sand is admired for a number of useful properties. For example, its low thermal expansion coefficient makes it a good choice for applications involving exposure to hot temperatures. Many industry owners prefer to purchase the sand in bulk. Here are some examples of its use in different applications.

Glassware Industry
The most important use of silica sand is in the glass manufacturing. If you are planning to set up a unit to manufacture mirrors and window glasses, you will certainly need the sand in huge quantity. In addition, the manufacturers of decorative glassware, tableware and containers like jars and bottles too need the sand. Other examples include the manufacturing of TV and monitor screens and fiberglass. Even the glass used in lighting equipments like bulbs and tubes is made of this form of sand.

Construction Industry
Silica sand finds important uses in the building and construction industry as well. For instance, it is one of the prime constituents of concrete. Aerated concrete blocks are produced using fine quality sand. Silicon dioxide is also a major ingredient in the tiles used for flooring. Wall tiles also contain silica as an important ingredient. Durable quality white cement obtained from silica is useful, not only in construction but also for decorative purposes.

Casting Industry
Sand casting process is used in producing metal castings at units called foundries. For its inexpensive nature and resistance towards high temperatures, silica sand is a preferred choice for preparing castings involving steel, cast iron and titanium. Casting surfaces can also be cleaned using this sand.

Water Filtration Industry
Those engaged in designing water filtration systems for wells, pools and other applications, need silica sand consisting of hard and dense grains. These sand varieties have characteristics like high porosity, durability, acid solubility and desired gravity. The sand is also widely used in the water treatment plants.

Abrasives Industry
Silica sand in round and angular varieties is quite common for the purpose of abrasive blasting. Used in the process called sandblasting, the sand helps in making the rough surfaces smooth. However, it is worth knowing that resins must be used to prevent the health hazards caused by silica dust.

Other Applications
Because of its fine size, silica sand is used for manufacturing of a variety of ceramic products. It is mixed with clay to produce sanitary ware and tableware. A number of adhesives used for various purposes also contain silica as an important constituent. Paints, texture coats, wood finishing products and distempers also contain silica.

Before buying silica sand for an industrial application, it is very important to know the grade required. Make sure you buy from a reputed manufacturer or supplier.

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