Uses Of Wire Name And ID Card Holders

Press Release   •   Dec 30, 2013 11:09 IST

Wire name card holders are basically decorative pieces which are quite small in size. It is mainly used to display the names of people so as to designate seats at wedding functions, receptions and other social events. By placing these card holders, every guest is assigned a specific table or seat with numbers or names. These cards are available in different attractive sizes and designs to suit different types of decor and occasions.

Popular Uses:

The wire name card holder can be placed on flat surfaces or tabletops. The cards can be placed easily onto these holders. It includes a metal, plastic or resin base which can be obtained in different attractive shapes such as oval, round, heart, star, shovel and so forth. The holder is often made with a strong steel wire. These functional and decorative products can be made easily at home to suit any type of theme or function. It is also considered to be a basic table decoration which features names, photographs or numbers of the guests.

There are several other uses for these products. It can be displayed on the desks on offices and homes to keep mail, photos and cards. A huge assortment of placecard holders can be bought through online stores in bulk amounts at affordable price rates. There are tripod models, clip models and many other attractive varieties which can be placed on tables and desks to attract attention. There are attractive shapes such as flowers, heart, butterfly and so forth.  Most of these products can be customized according to individual requirement as there are different shapes, sizes and colors available in the online and offline stores.

ID Card Holders:

Among the different types of products used, the ID card holder is one of utmost significance as it prevents misplacement of identity cards. Most often employees tend to lose identity cards which contain classified information. Loss of such cards can prove to be a security threat. One of the best ways to avoid such discrepancies is to use a card holder.

Nowadays, badge holders are available in a huge range of sizes, colors and styles. There are clear holders made of vinyl which is quite popularly used in most of the business organizations. It is available in a huge range of sizes and shapes too. Apart from this variety, there are magnetic holders which can be attached to the clothing easily. The proximity card holder is yet another variety which provides greater protection to the identity badges. It holds the badges firmly in place and offers strength and durability.

The color coded holders are another attractive variety which is quite similar to the vinyl product but it is inclusive of a splash of color.

The convention badge holder is another variety which is generally used during trade shows, company events and conventions. These products can be attached to the clothing with a pin or a clip. It is designed for corporate events and functions as it appears quite elegant and professional. Different types of badge holders can be bought through online stores at various price rates.

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