Utility And Usage of Carbon Steel Pipes

Press Release   •   Oct 27, 2012 10:36 IST

As the name implies, the main constituents of carbon steel pipes are steel and carbon. Due to the composition of these pipes, they are well suited for industrial and geothermal purposes because of the tensile strength they provide. These pipes are seamless and hence prove to be of great utility as oil pipelines or as transporters of other fluids.

The wide spread usage of the seamless carbon steel pipes is because of the composition and the benefits that they provide. These pipes are an obvious choice for heavy duty industrial work due to the tensile strength of these pipes. Be it the infrastructure of a building or the framework of mammoth ships, or even the working parts of huge machinery, these pipes endure the pressure well enough to invoke confidence in its users.

When safety and durability are of concern, these pipes pass the test with elan. The carbon steel pipes are resistant to vibration, shock, water pressure, fire, and heavy force. Therefore any structure built of these pipes is considerably safe from natural calamities like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados, fire and lightning, and also destructive floods. Steel is the best compound to resist cracks, so there is no fear of the pipes breaking in case of heavy pressure on them. If one decides to build structures underground, using these pipes could be a wise decision, as they will not rot unlike wood.

The pipes are also used as transporters of fluids because the combination of carbon and steel gives rise to a very ductile, elastic, and malleable compound. This makes it easier to create pipes that are thin, yet durable. They are as small as 1/8 inch outer diameter to as big as 72 inches outer diameter. One can choose from carbon steel pipes of varying diameters to transport fluids like oil, petroleum, natural gas etc. Being seamless, these pipes do not leak as there are no joints and fluid transportation can be conducted without fear any sort of leakage that could result in an accident.

The fact that carbon steel pipes can be made thinner than pipes made of other material like copper makes it evident that the cost of manufacturing these pipes will be less than those of its competitors. However, the benefits of these pipes outshine the rest that are available in the market. It is strong, long lasting, leak proof, and break free. So many features reduce the need to replace the pipes and this in turn reduces the cost one would have to normally incur in such scenarios.

Using carbon steel pipes is another way to maintaining a cordial relationship with nature. Carbon is nature's product, and steel manufacturing has also become environment friendly. After complete usage, steel is recycled and reused. This process makes it easy to keep the earth clean.

The usage of carbon steel pipes is because of the benefits that they provide. Its physical characteristics combined with its cost effectiveness and green attribute makes it the top choice for professional use.

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