Utilization of Fly Ash for Varied Purposes

Press Release   •   Nov 26, 2010 12:36 IST

Although most of the people are unaware of the benefits of using fly ash for productive purposes, it is being used globally since many years. Various environmental issues were involved with the concept of fly ash being released into the atmosphere. Now it is being captured from chimneys of power plants and utilised for various purposes.

Various Important Uses of Fly Ash

Fly ash is a residual product obtained from burning coal. But this particular product is of great use in different fields. Though many researches are being conducted on the productive utilisation of this residual product, some of the known uses include:

Bricks: Fly ash is used to make bricks as it is environment friendly. These bricks are far better compared to the clay bricks as it is stronger as well as durable. A huge amount of clay is required for manufacturing conventional bricks where as these bricks can be made from residues derived from thermal power plants. This helps to save the environment as well as the depletion of soil.

Concrete: It is also used along with concrete to ensure greater strength and durability. It is of great use for construction purposes as it delivers expected strength for buildings.

Agriculture: Use of this product in agricultural fields help to improve the fertility of the soil. It is also scientifically proven to boost the soil intake of nutrients and water. The soil also retains its moisture content. Direct application of fly ash into the soil helps to decontaminate the soil and relieves it from all toxic substances. It is highly suitable for plants like oilseeds, sunflower, linseed, groundnut and so forth.

Fill material: It is also used as a fill material for the development of playgrounds, parks, parking lots and so forth. It is also known to have self-hardening properties which makes it more useful for filling purposes. The incomparable strength of this residual product increases its use in various fields.

Construction of roads: It can also be used for constructing roads and saves soil which is otherwise excavated and used for construction purposes. This in turn saves agricultural soil which can be used for cultivation of crops.

Tiles and pavers: Fly ash is also used for manufacturing mosaic tiles with attractive designs and colors. Besides, it is also used for manufacturing paving blocks and interlocking pavers. The tiles manufactured using this by product is stronger compared to the other conventional mosaic tiles. It can be used for surfaces where foot traffic is heavy.

Use in Portland cement: To enhance the features of concrete, fly ash is used in Portland cement concrete. It proves to be a strong and durable ingredient that can be mixed with concrete to obtain desired results.

A variety of concrete blocks and bricks are manufactured utilising this unique by-product. With the increase in the use of fly ash bricks, manufacturers have listed their innumerable products in the online directories so that buyers can find it easy to purchase products.

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