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Various Applications of Polyester Resin and Phenolic Resin

Press Release   •   Aug 24, 2012 16:05 IST

A large number of industrial chemicals are used for various purposes in different fields. Polyester resin is one of the most widely used chemicals in marine and auto industry. It is also used in many fields due to its beneficial features. It is basically a synthetic material which can be manufactured as a result of a chemical reaction between alcohols and organic acids. It can be found in various forms which include gel, film and liquid. It is considered to be a versatile product as it includes a wide variety of properties.

Different Uses and Applications

Polyester resin is used by engineer, architects, builders and designers as it is weather proof and light in weight. Some of the most important applications of this chemical compound are mentioned below.

Marine, automotive and aircrafts: Polyester resin is known for its adhesive properties. It is used to stick layers of fiber glass for constructing body panels of aeroplanes, automobiles and boats. As it is light in weight, it is also used to manufacture racing cars and light weight air crafts.

Construction purposes: It is also used for various construction purposes as it is light in weight and tensile. Closet fixtures and prefabricated shower stalls are often made of polyester resin and acrylic. It is also used for coating various materials used for decorative purposes.

Furnishing: As it is light in weight and water resistant, it is used to manufacture patio furniture. It is considered to be a sturdy material which is also inexpensive.

Adhesive: Polyester resin is also used to stick fiber glass on the interior surfaces of wet appliances such as washing machines and dish washers. Moreover, it seldom rusts so it can be used to line the interiors of wet appliances.

Packaging material: It can be used as an ideal packaging material as this chemical compound can be formed into transparent sheets. It is widely used for various small item packaging purposes. It is also widely used for luggage. Most of the briefcases and suitcases also include polyester resin and leather to make it more attractive.

Phenolic Resin

It is a heat cured plastic that is basically derived from a chemical known as aldehyde and alcohol. This resin is heat resistant and tensile; therefore it can be used for a wide variety of residential and industrial purposes.

This resin is mixed with wood fiber to form Bakelite, which is mainly used to manufacture cooking tools, oven handles, cabinet parts and decorative doors.

It is also used to manufacture electronic circuit boards as it is heat resistant and seldom conduct electricity. One of the greatest benefits of this resin is its fire resistant property. It can therefore be used in automotive and aircraft parts. Rocket nozzles and heat shields are made of this resin as it can resist burning.

This resin is also known to be an excellent adhesive as it has the ability to form bonds with a huge variety of materials. The adhesive is used for decorative wall boards, interiors of transportation equipments and construction boards.

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