Various Types of Flour Mills and Its Features

Press Release   •   Feb 02, 2013 11:47 IST

Whole grain wheat is healthy and wholesome when it is ground on mills and consumed without the use of preservatives. Wheat is the base for home made breads, rotis, pastries and so forth. Modern flour mills are available in a huge variety which allows individuals to grind fresh and healthy wheat flour easily and quickly. As there are many varieties to choose from, it is easy to buy the most appropriate mill for home and business use.

With the development of technologies, mills have evolved from simple to highly developed machines. In addition to wheat, it can be used to grind spices, maize, nuts and so forth. Most people prefer to use home made products as it is fresh, healthy and wholesome. It is also packed with essential nutrients and fiber.

Some of the most popular types of mills available today include the following:

Manual: One of the simplest forms of grinding mills includes the manual mills. But it requires a sufficient amount of energy level to grind the wheat. However, manual mills are considered to be a healthy choice as it does not damage the nutrients present in the wheat with high temperature grinding. It can also be used during power outages.

Electric: Another type of flour mill is the electric mill. Today there are various types of electric mills available which can be bought in different styles, sizes and prices. Electric mills are inclusive of a variety of features which include speed adjustability, grinding type and so forth. These mills can be used to grind a variety of other products such as nuts, spices, rice and so forth.

Convertible: There are mills which can be converted from manual to electrical and vice-versa. Therefore it can be used to grind products with and without electrical power. Today most of the people prefer to use convertible mills as it is beneficial in many ways.

Stone Wheel: Traditional methods of grinding wheat included the use of stone wheel mills. It retains the substantial quality of wheat and produces excellent flour for bread, rotis and pastries. It hardly requires any type of maintenance as it is not subject to wear and tear. It also retains the nutritional value of wheat.

Steel Wheel: Another variety of flour mill includes the steel wheel mills which are efficient and quick in grinding wheat and other products. However, steel mills tend to heat up immensely during the grinding process and thereby rob the nutritional value of wheat.

Countertop: Today there are many attractive and stylish varieties of countertop mills which can be bought from most of the online stores at various price rates. These mills are available in a range of colors and designs to suit different types of home decors.

Flour mills need to chosen according to the needs and requirements of the family. As grinding machines are available in different sizes, it is important to choose the most appropriate size suited for the requirement of the entire family.

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