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Various Types of Packing Materials and Its Uses

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2011 13:54 IST

Packing materials are considered essential for safe and proper delivery of goods. These materials are used for protecting perishable as well as non perishable goods. All types of commodities such as electronic goods, furniture, plastic containers, household items and so forth are packed with the use of different types of materials for safe transit and durability.

Different Types of Packing Materials

Various types of packaging material are available today due to the wide usage of these materials. It is important to choose materials according to the type of goods to be packed and protected. Glass items should be covered using strong materials where as furniture items can be packed accordingly.

Other important factors to be considered include the price of the item, the weight of the item, the strength and value of the commodity to be packed and the type of material used for covering the items. Some packing materials are vulnerable to moisture and air so it is important to select the materials according to the item to be packed.

Some of the most widely and commonly used packing materials include the following:

* Cardboard boxes: compared to the wooden crates, the cardboard boxes are easy to carry and manufacture. Most of the electronic items are packed in cardboard boxes for better and safe handling. It also protects the items from dust and light. Cardboard boxes have been widely in use since the year 1817. Nowadays, corrugated fibre board is used to manufacture the cardboard boxes which make it even stronger.

* Plastic: one of the most common and popular packing materials include different types of plastics. It is widely used due to its attractive features which include its light weight and comparatively lower costs. Plastic products are available in different sizes and shapes to suit different items. Perishable items such as food and eatables are also packed in plastic cups and containers.

* Metals: metals such as aluminium cans are used as containers for soft drinks, beers and processed food. The use of aluminium foil for wrapping and covering food is also popular.

* Glass: one of the best materials for storage of liquids and food materials is glass. It can be recycled though it is quiet heavy.

* Brick carton: another variety of packing materials which is used for storing juice, milk and other soft drinks. It is an ideal air tight material which is widely used all over the world for transporting beverages.

* Tissue paper: ideal for wrapping fragile items such as porcelain and glass materials while being transported. It is also used for filling spaces so as to prevent the movement of items while being transported.

There are many more types of packing materials such as shrink wrap and bubble wrap. The bubble wraps are used to cover fragile items. It does not add to the weight of the items. These wraps are used to protect most of the electronic items. The shrink wraps are used on CDs and VCDs. It is also used for packing food items that are susceptible to spoilage.

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