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Various Types Of Pneumatic Tools And Advantages

Press Release   •   Nov 30, 2010 13:45 IST

The mechanical tools that use compressed air or gas to operate are known as pneumatic tools. These tools are also known as air pressure tools. The air pressure tools are used for various purposes. These tools are efficient and save time and energy but require special handling and care during usage.

Different Types and Uses of Pneumatic Tools

There are various types of air pressure tools available in the markets today. Some of the most common types of tools include: paint sprayers, nail guns, staple guns, drills, grinders, buffers, sanders and wrenches, chipping hammers, jackhammers, reverting guns and so forth. There are many other types of air powered tools used for different purposes.

Pneumatic tools can be used for a number of purposes such as:

Nail guns: the nail guns are also known as the air hammer or the power nailer. These guns are much more efficient and powerful than hammering the nails manually. These air hammers or nail guns are also used for several other purposes like cutting, scrapping and chipping.
Blow guns: these guns are ideal for blowing dirt and dust away from surfaces.
Air sanders: the air sanders are useful in removing paint and rust and efficient in automotive work.
Caulking guns: these guns produce uniform bead to apply to surfaces in a quick pace.
Air staplers: stapling can be done quickly and efficiently with the air staplers.
The tapping machines and the air drills make use of the compressed air in the pneumatic tools for efficient functioning. The air impact wrenches, the sanders and the air ratchets are also air pressure tools that use the compressed air for powerful functioning. The air impact wrench is ideal for removing or tightening bolts.

Basic Advantages of Using Air Powered Tools

There are many advantages of using these pneumatic tools and some of them are:
* Greater efficiency: Unlike the manually operated tools, the air powered tools are much more efficient and powerful.
* Weighs less: These tools weigh less as the power is transferred through the air compressor. Therefore the use of these tools is much easier.
* No electric power required: As the pneumatic tools are powered by an air compressor it does not require electricity unlike the other tools.
* Productivity: As these tools are efficient, it requires lesser time and thus improves productivity.
* Easy to work: with the help of the air powered tools, it is easier to work and involves less labour.

The uses of pneumatic tools involve certain safety measures. It is important to wear safety gear while working with these tools. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these tools are essential for safe and efficient functioning of the tools.

Most of these tools are powered by air compressors which are connected to the tools with a hose. These hoses should be resistant to rust and it should be strong. These hoses should be cleaned thoroughly before operating the tools. Most of these tools can be bought online from the pneumatic tools manufacturers listed in the business portals. There are a number of suppliers who sell superior quality tools at affordable rates.

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