Vietnam Offering Tourism Discounts to Attract More Tourists

Press Release   •   Oct 04, 2012 12:40 IST

Vietnam has lined up huge discount offers to attract tourists and the country is offering discounts on accommodation, shopping, and travel fares to attract large number of international as well as domestic tourist. To encourage tourism, various hotels in the country are also offering special packages and discounts. Many airlines in Vietnam are also contributing towards the promotion of Vietnam’s tourism by lowering the cost of tickets and offering various discount schemes. In addition to that, the Ministry of Finance has announced 10% value-added tax refund on purchases made by international tourists in Vietnam.

According to our new research report, “Booming Tourism Sector in Vietnam”, the country is witnessing healthy growth both in international tourist as well as domestic tourists. In 2011, the international and domestic tourists increased by 20% and more than 7%, respectively against the previous year. Moreover, it is expected that the tourism industry will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years on the back of its favorable demographic profile and increasing promotional activities by the government. In future, the international tourist arrivals in Vietnam are anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 8% during 2012-2015.

As per our findings, it has been found that Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities account for the large number of tourist visits. Our report covers a detailed analysis of tourism opportunities in major cities covering the number of domestic and international tourists in these major cities. In addition, the report covers information on number of hotel and hotel rooms available in the major cities. It also covers other industry verticals with brief information like airlines industry which also plays a significant role in tourism industry.

Our report, “Booming Tourism Sector in Vietnam”, incorporates an extensive research and rational analysis of the Vietnamese tourism industry. It provides an insight of the Vietnam tourism industry and studies its past, present, and future scenario. In short, it offers a detailed study of the forces driving the industry and discusses key market trends prevailing in the industry, making Vietnam a potential tourism destination. It also provides information (analysis and statistical data) of various industrial parameters that will help clients to analyze opportunities critical for their success in the Vietnam tourism industry.

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