Vietnam Retail Market Poised for Stupendous Growth

Press release   •   Apr 23, 2013 14:27 IST

Despite economic turndown throughout the country, retail business in Vietnam inculcates a huge potential for growth in the near future. Increasing household incomes, modernization/change in lifestyle of consumers and emergence of giant retail chains are providing immense opportunities for the retail business in the country. There is tremendous scope of expansion for modern retail chains compared to traditional retail stores. The modern retailers are not only restricted to big cities like Hanoi and HCM but have also extended to other provinces of Vietnam. The concept of modern retailing has been recognized as a good opportunity by foreign players. Owing to such positive developments, the total retail sales of goods and services would post a CAGR growth of approximately 21% during 2012-2017.

Report Analysis & Highlights

The report “Vietnam Retail Market Outlook 2017” is spread over 85 pages and provides in depth research and analysis of major developments in the retail industry of Vietnam. On account of our analysis, we have covered food and non food segments along with major sub segments for each category. RNCOS comprehensive research entitles major market trends, drivers, and challenges encompassing retail industry. Beside this, the retail market segmentation by provinces that includes Red River Delta, North central Coast has also been covered in this report. It also anticipates trend in consumer behavior pattern. In order to provide practical market insights and strategic moves of major retail players in Vietnam, we have also captured the recent developments and expansion plans.

Some of the key findings of the report are:

- Dairy Sector Driving the Food Retail Sales in Vietnam
- Modern Retail Formats to propel the Vietnam Retail Industry
- Booming LED Television Market in Vietnam

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