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Press Release   •   Oct 19, 2010 15:49 IST

Diagnostic tests are an essential tool for confirming the health status of animals. The global impact of diseases such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, foot and mouth disease, and highly pathogenic avian influenza has revealed that diagnostic tests play a key role not only in facilitating safe trade but also in many other areas such as the early detection of new diseases and the control of exotic or enzootic animal diseases.

The market emerged from nascence in the early 2000s and has progressed steadily. It is expected to continue its growth momentum in the near and long term. The veterinary diagnostics market can be divided into two segments, both of which are covered in this report:

  • Companion Animal (Pet) Health

  • Food Animal Health

The report breaks out veterinary diagnostics revenues into regions, including: US, Europe, ROW and Asia. It also includes discussion of major testing products in the food animal and pet animal market, key drivers, trends, and provides revenue history dating back to 2006, as well as current revenues and forecasts to 2014. Additonally, the report profiles the following major companies in the market:

  • Heska

  • Bio-Rad


  • Prionics

As with all Kalorama Information market research reports, this report is a mix of secondary research of company reports, trade publications, medical literature and government reports, combined with primary research (interviews of executives and market experts).

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