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What A HTML To WordPress Theme Conversion Service Provider Can Do For You

Press Release   •   Jan 12, 2017 18:52 IST

Hire a Professional to Convert Your HTML Website into a WordPress Template

You would remember, the initial websites were static and only comprised text and HTML. Now, over two decades later, the present websites, thanks to HTML to WordPress convert, are much more complex and provide enjoyable experience to both the end user and the developers.

WordPress is an open source project that has played an important part in the transformation that the websites have undergone. If you always wished to publish your content on a modern website, it’s possible now. All you need is to install WordPress, complete with the themes and plug-ins and you are ready for HTML to WordPress theme conversion. You won’t need coding, not even HTML.

While technologically websites have undergone revolutionary changes, there are a significant number of websites that are still static HTML, or a combination of HTML and CSS. This is mostly the case with those websites that never need the content, design, or the formatting be changed.

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The most likely reason, however, for no HTML to WordPress convert may be a lack of knowledge about HTML to WordPress theme conversion. Most people do not know how the HTML to WordPress convert process functions. They fear they may lose content or may be required to do a lot of page-by-page formatting. If you too have not made the leap for this reason, get someone for HTML to WordPress conversion service.

There are three ways to convert HTML or PSD to responsive WordPress. First, you may create a WordPress theme with your current static website as the base. For this, access your existing code to begin with. Create the required files for HTML to WordPress theme conversion. Then copy code from WordPress codex. You can do this simple exercise with some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Second, install an existing WordPress theme and simply have the content migrated. This is a simple solution. And, if you have the hosting part sorted, this could well be the most economical option too. You will only need to purchase the premium theme for use in the website. The plug-in used for importing content during HTML to WordPress convert is available for free in the plug-in repository of WordPress.

Third, you may hire someone to provide HTML to WordPress conversion service. This is the easiest method as you don’t need to do much. A number of agencies are operating in the market that can provide professional service.

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