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What do transforming telcos measure?

Press Release   •   Sep 15, 2010 15:19 IST

In the past, telco metrics have focused on financial, technical, or network related issues. However, with telcos now facing competition from adjacent markets, they need to rethink how they measure and demonstrate value both within their business and to shareholders.

There are thousands of metrics telcos can choose from; product performance and business process are all monitored alongside the usual financial, management information system (MIS), and call center measures. But which ones are the most important to demonstrate to stakeholders at a corporate level and externally? Based on our recent research, we have identified ten core metrics that will enable the transforming telco to demonstrate that it is on the right path in the face of competition.

Table Of Contents :

Executive summary
In a nutshell
Key messages
Performance indicators for telcos
Performance drivers are changing
What are telcos measuring?
The transformation trinity
Focus areas
Customer experience
Performance metrics
Are the metrics consistent?
The honorable mentions
Industry implications
What does this mean?
Implications for telcos
Implications for suppliers

List of Tables
Table 1: Industry players contributing to this research
Table 2: Top ten performance metrics

List of Figures
Figure 1: Change in emphasis for business metric
Figure 2: The transformation trinity
Figure 3: Customer touch points
Figure 4: Telco tasks to improve the transformation performance metrics

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