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What is Facebook Mobile and how can it be utilized? A report distributed through

Press Release   •   Feb 17, 2011 13:49 IST

Mobile Social Networking provides faster and easier communication facilities to social networks users. ( ) In addition, it opens door for developing new business models and opportunities that depend on the power of interconnections between users. In addition, mobile social networking offers creative tools and immediacy, presence, location, and context when interacting with the real world.

This report provides an overview and analysis for the process of mobilizing arguably the most popular social network: Facebook. This report will investigate the power added to Facebook when it's transferred to mobile world. This publication reviews features and services offered by way of mobilizing Facebook. Finally, the report evaluates the future of Facebook Mobile services.

Selected Questions Answered:

What is Facebook Mobile and how can it be utilized?
What are major features/functionality of Facebook Mobile?
What are the tools used to develop Facebook applications
What are the business models of Facebook Mobile?
What is the Future of Facebook Mobile and services?

Key Benefits:

Overview of Facebook Mobile
Consideration for Facebook and Mobile Operators cooperation
Review of Mobile Phones supporting Facebook Mobile
Evaluation of Facebook Development Tools
Discussion of Facebook Mobile Business Models

Target Audience:

Social Networking Experts
Web Developers
Business Development Managers
Mobile Phone Manufacturers.
Mobile Web Developers

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